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Second Amendment sanctuary counties outnumber illegal immigrant sanctuaries nearly 4-1, according to information from sanctuarycounties.com. The Second Amendment sanctuary movement gained traction shortly after the Virginia legislature, for the first time in 25 years, flipped to a slight Democrat majority after the 2020 elections.

During their first session, the new Democrat majority immediately focused on a slate of gun control bills, 7 of which were signed into law by Gov. Ralph Northam (D). The aggressive push to blame law-abiding citizens for the actions of criminals was met with incredible resistance through every corner of the state. Pro-gun rights group Virginia Citizens Defense League went to work and packed city council meetings and county commission meetings demanding they fight back. Hundreds of thousands of angry Virginians attended meetings throughout the state.

The result was 99% of the state’s counties, cities, towns, and municipalities declaring themselves Second Amendment Sanctuaries in defiance of the attack on gun rights by the Democrats. Northam’s own home county, Northampton, voted in favor of gun rights and decried the recent push for gun control.

The effectiveness of the efforts in Virginia sparked a nationwide movement resulting in nearly 2,000 counties across America declaring themselves Second Amendment Sanctuaries. As the number of cities, towns, counties and entire states pass or sign legislation, proclamations, or resolutions, Noah Davis, founder of the sanctuary counties website began digging deeper. AAN asked Davis about the process he used to make the fascinating determination.

“I actually used the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) as the source for my data. They, in turn, cited Immigration and Customs Enforcement as the source for their data. It really was their map that prompted me because it visually indicated to me just how little progress the illegal immigration sanctuary movement has made. Since it was their website that inspired me, I decided to credit them. Here’s a link to the map update that I used as a source:  https://cis.org/Map-Sanctuary-Cities-Counties-and-States

Their map was updated on March 22, 2021. However, as I wanted to create an apples-to-apples comparison using an image comparison tool on my article, I decided to create my own version of their map that basically matched my 2A Sanctuary maps in format. So, I first created a spreadsheet that is the same as my 2A Sanctuary spreadsheet. You can view that spreadsheet here:  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1O1DtkvXNBXwR4OkoHEYHyZ_JUW0ZFBjSHLmKon3j0qM/edit?usp=sharing

Then I used their data to populate my spreadsheet, and the formulas in the spreadsheet calculate the number of illegal immigrant sanctuaries there are in the country. Basically, I put an X next to every county that is on the CIS list of sanctuaries and the formulas count the number of X’s. Once I had the raw number of illegal immigrant sanctuaries (518), I compared that to the number of 2A Sanctuaries (1,930) and with some simple math (1,930 / 518) I was able to determine that there are approximately 3.725 times the amount of 2A sanctuaries as there are illegal immigrant sanctuaries in America.”

The movement continues to grow across the nation, town by town, city by city, county by county, and in some cases, state by state. While the Democrats have no problem hiding illegal immigrants, many with violent criminal histories, including rape and murder of American citizens, the thought of law-abiding citizens defending and protecting their constitutional right to bear arms, draws their ire. Threats range from withholding state funding to firing officers and worse if their unconstitutional affront to gun rights are not upheld.

The laws, if enforced, could create millions of new felons, overnight. History shows us that law-abiding citizens won’t be bullied by unconstitutional edicts from gun-hating Democrats as evidenced by registration schemes and magazine bans in CT shortly after Newtown, according to Daily Caller.

“Now, as Connecticut’s The Courant estimates, as many as 100,000 gun owners with 350,000 unregistered weapons have yet to come forward, making state officials uneasy. Furthermore, estimates concerning banned magazines holding more than ten rounds — which have no serial numbers and are impossible to track unless registered — show that only 36,932 have been entered into the state’s databases, while over two million remain on the market.”

The movement shows no signs of slowing down in the face of the Biden administration’s brazen calls for gun control, bans, registration schemes, and ATF nominee Chipman. If CT citizens’ reaction is any indication, Americans are in no mood to hand over their freedom to the Democrats any time soon.