4Patriots Product Review

You may or may not know this, but my third book, co-authored with George ‘The Mad Ogre’ Hill is a well received and critically acclaimed cookbook, Grilling While Armed-How to get off the gas and become your neighborhood pit boss in one day. The top 20 recipes. I loved everything about it, especially the writing part! It was years in the making, included a ton of BBQ’ing and picture taking and deciding which recipes to include. You see, grills and smokers are not only incredibly fun but can also be used to cook in an emergency. Imagine going days without power, the apocalyptic asteroid approaching, the zombie apocalypse or the commie marxists actually take over.

I have always planned ahead. I have extra charcoal, emergency kits, bug-out bags and ammo, firearms, and food. LOTS of emergency food. When you live in a hurricane zone as long as I did, you understand the need for emergency supplies, especially food. It’s one of two things you can’t live without, the other being water. Yup, I’m of the mindset that you can’t have enough emergency food on hand.

This product review will be one of several upcoming as I test samplings of my emergency supply from time to time. In this case, 4Patriots chili-mac from one of two three-month food supply kits I received the second week of June, 2020. I won’t go into all of the various menu items but rather will focus on a single food product at a time.

With an advertised 25 year shelf life, this food will likely outlive me at this point. Needing nothing but 9 cups of water and a heat source, which could come from the stream in my backyard at AAR Ranch and one of my grills if necessary, the bag of chili-mac took 20 minutes to heat. With 8 servings, the meal could be shared or stored in a cooler for later use. At my house last week, it didn’t last long.

The process was as simple as boiling 9 cups of water, emptying the package contents into the boiling water, reducing heat to medium and simmering for 20 minutes. I let it stand for about 5 minutes and grabbed a bowl and a spoon.


This dish tasted nearly homemade and was as good as anything I’ve ever made. My wife, a very finicky eater, enjoyed it as did both of my kids 16 and 18 y/o. With just a few cups leftover, it was gone the next day. It was hearty, warm and satisfying. Comfort food in a bag, if you will. Providing several thousand calories per bag (needed in a stressful, emergency situation, and about 43 carbs per serving, this stuff will satisfy, provide needed energy and give you one less thing to worry about in the event of some type of catastrophe.

Personally, I added nothing to it. No salt, no pepper, tabasco, etc. I was satisfied as is. It was well seasoned, not bland at all and I can promise you, in the event of an emergency here at the ranch, this will be on the menu. I will be ordering more for long-term storage. Kits are reasonably priced with various online promotions, come in stackable plastic containers with snap-in-place handles on each side and fit in a closet or under a bed with no hassle whatsoever… and worth every penny. Each kit contained everything from powdered milk, daily meals including breakfast, lunch, dinner, dried fruits, cereals, and powdered energy drinks.

My take? Git you some! Check them out at 4patriots.com

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