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As the Democrat party and leftist-controlled corporations continue their assault on our American way of life, some predictions are getting easy to make, sadly. As blue state totalitarian regimes such as California, NY, and others, in conjunction with federal socialists masquerading as former democrats in power in Washington, begin implementation of fascist mask and vaccine mandates, our way of life is getting further and further away in the rearview mirror. Objects are not closer than they appear.

Unconstitutional as these mandates are, the party of socialism is ignoring our cherished freedoms and pushing forward with their divisive and dangerous political agenda and rhetoric, no matter the costs to our liberty. Just months ago our front-line healthcare workers were praised for their tireless efforts in the battle against  COVID, unleashed by Communist China. Herculean struggles that saw months away from loved ones while quarantined inside hospitals in the desperate attempt to save lives in the early days of the pandemic have given way to those very workers now being tossed in the streets for refusal to put a needle in their arms against their will. In America.

A Socialist federal executive branch, with full support from the legislative branch issuing mandates demanding vaccines for employees or risk losing their livelihood, health insurance, and financial security not to mention their dignity. Private sector careers are ruined by an overreaching federal government placing itself where it has no constitutional authority under the guise of protecting us from ourselves. School children being dictated to, parental authority giving way to Uncle Sam the likes of which Americans have only seen on their television screens or movie theaters in horror films or third-world dictatorships.

Not here, we have always thought. Thank GOD we live in America.

Meanwhile, our borders, what’s left of them, are being overrun by hundreds of thousands of residents of some of those third-world nations, living in squalor under bridges before being shipped to our cities, towns, and neighborhoods without our permission by American Socialists in power. The madness continues unabated by a Democrat party seeming hell-bent on destroying the culture we cherish.

In the latest attack on liberty in America, the state of Louisiana’s largest healthcare provider, Ochsner Health will soon begin fining employees whose spouses are unvaccinated. Those charges will start at $200 per month meaning $100 per two-week paycheck. This literal attack against its employees will begin in 2022.

Stories of the American airline industry mandating all flyers show proof of vaccination to board an airliner are creeping into the news cycle. It’s already mandated by the worst mayor in the history of New York City, Socialist, Bill De Blasio, that restaurant customers show their papers or “no soup for you.” The destruction of private business by the government at every level is well underway by a power-mad Socialist party and shows no sign of subsiding. In fact, it’s getting worse by the hour. Lives being ruined, businesses being shuttered, our right to privacy being unraveled right before our eyes.

The outcome(s) of this Totalitarian government overreach is predictable if Americans continue to comply with their Socialist masters. Our continued compliance and our failure to draw a line will result in the complete destruction of America as we know it. The takeover is well underway unless we, as a nation, put an end to the Democrat psychopathy. The longer we let it go, the harder and more dangerous it becomes to end it.

I take no solace in the predictions I’m about to make but this discussion had better start somewhere or our great American experiment, provided to us by men who risked everything to hand it to us, is gone forever.

The Socialist policies now underway in our nation’s largest Democrat controlled cities such as defunding and redefining policing, combined with lockdowns and mandates, are having disastrous effects on the security of our streets as violent crime continues to, predictably, spiral out of control. Uncontrolled spending, increased taxation, combined with coming massive unemployment as a result of these policies will lead to more of the same until America is unrecognizable. As inflation, food and fuel costs continue to climb, America’s desperation, fear and anger will rise in unison. Very dangerous, indeed.

Predictably, the suicide rate will continue to explode to unprecedented levels as law-abiding citizens lose a lifetime of security brought on by massive depression caused by the destruction of jobs and reputations as Socialists pit one American against another. America will soon see a rise in workplace mass shootings as disgruntled, displaced, destroyed, desperate people take out their aggression’s on those companies they blame for their desperation, having lost everything to government control.

This is inevitable, it is coming and Americans had better be prepared for the worst. We have watched this playbook unfold in every Socialist takeover in history. We are being warned by our neighbors in Cuba and Venezuela, not long ago one of the most prosperous South American countries the region had ever seen.

Powerful forces have aligned with the Socialists in control to include huge corporate media providing cover and propaganda for their agenda, big-tech controlling and silencing opposing free speech, the enemies of their desired globalism. Blue state residents fleeing in record numbers from states such as California and New York, New Jersey and others to perceived free southern states such as Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama and Texas. Businesses fleeing to friendlier states, the latest big name to do so, Smith and Wesson departing business unfriendly New England (MA) where it has resided since the 1850’s. There have been dozens of others and this is only the beginning.

Americans can no longer refuse to accept the situation–the nation is divorcing right before our eyes, an example being liberal universities segregating students in dorms, by race. Our complex history of these United States being dismantled in the phony name of progress ruled by insane progressive, politically correct, missives. Families being torn apart by political infighting, opinion masquerading as fact thereby deceiving consumers of such as “news.”

Worst of all, the stress forces compelling hatred of our political “enemies” with the emergence of instantaneous information at our fingertips in cesspools of social media platforms, controlled by censors, the damage of which may already be irreparable. The proverbial ‘cat out of the bag,’ it is, by all means and analysis impossible to put the smoke back in the bottle. While there is no comfort in “misery loves company,” the world is watching the same forces down under destroy Australia as horrifying videos of police force against protesting citizens escalate to ever increasing violence. Yes, it is obvious we are not alone.

America witnessed a summer of extreme violence and rioting in 2020 as marauding bands of leftists burned, looted and destroyed our (Democrat controlled) inner cities with tacit approval of Socialist politicians. The Democrat party now openly defines anyone who disagrees with their Socialism to be a “domestic terrorist,” the likes of which make them fair game to their violence. Countless Trump supporters, which numbered near 80 million Americans, demonized by the forces of Socialism, vehemently attacked by their political enemies while social media erupts with more calls for violence by the forces on the left against those with whom they disagree.

Like millions of other Americans of either political stripe, the feeling of “something wrong” churns in my gut. As the attacks on our liberties relentlessly continue, the media chooses sides, big-tech continues its UN-American foray into censorship, unemployment increases, inflation rises, fuel costs climb, food costs increase and people are tossed out of work, citizens must remember that we have a duty, as Americans to disobey unjust and unconstitutional laws and mandates.

As Americans, we must remember the words of the great Martin Luther King, no stranger to the fight for freedom, “One has not only a legal, but a moral responsibility to obey just laws. Conversely, one has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.”

As the ugly force of socialism rears its hideous face here in America, we as a nation remain in a unique place that others around the globe suffering from government overreach do not. We are armed lawfully with the right to defend ourselves, families, and communities with our cherished Second Amendment that protects today, as it did during the nation’s founding, our right to bear arms in defense of our way of life.

As much as I hate to write this, America is as close as it has ever been to violent conflict. History and current events combined, not this writer, bear out that fact. America is a country on the precipice of disaster if we do not change course. Sadly, I don’t see that happening any time soon as the forces of Socialism and Totalitarianism continue to rise in the face of our unending denial and refusal of too many to accept the reality of our situation.

One of three outcomes is therefore inevitable. 1. The dark forces attacking our nation from within are dealt with and defeated politically (and decisively) at the ballot box. 2. The nation agrees to split and live separately. 3. Freedom will have to stand and fight for its very existence and win.

Note that I did not mention a fourth option, that Socialism wins. I believe deep in my soul that freedom will always prevail and that freedom is not a choice. The desire for freedom lives in each of us and its undying yearning to emerge means men and women will fight to the death to preserve it as America has proven time and again during our 250 years of existence. As such, it is the forces trying to destroy this nation that have some decisions to make.

We should all pray they choose wisely.