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(Lee’s note: This email was sent by Florida Carry, Inc. I serve on their board of directors.) 

Florida’s Senate President Wilton Simpson has only to snap his fingers and a constitutional-carry bill will appear on Gov. Ron DeSantis’ desk – a bill DeSantis has already promised he would sign. It’s that simple.

Instead, Simpson, an alleged Republican from Trilby, is content to once again let constitutional carry die off quietly during the current legislative session, even though it would restore the God-given constitutional rights of millions of Floridians to what the Framers had in mind when they wrote the Second Amendment.

Simpson apparently isn’t interested in restoring the Framer’s intent. He is already looking past the end of the session and has amassed a whopping $12 million in donations to run for Florida’s Agriculture Commissioner.

Florida Carry, its board of directors and its thousands of members strongly oppose allowing constitutional carry to die a slow death, again, and we’re also fiercely opposed to rewarding the man who killed it by putting him in charge of Florida’s vaunted Concealed Weapon and Firearm Licensing program. In our opinion, Simpson has cashed enough government paychecks and caused enough harm. We’ve seen the damage the current Ag Commissioner, Nikki Fried, inflicted on our gun rights, so we don’t want to put another anti-gunner in charge.

In the words of the great 20th Century philosopher, Dee Snyder: “We’re not going to take it, anymore.”

Florida Carry will use every legal means afforded to us through the First Amendment to keep another anti-gunner from further infringing upon our Second Amendment rights. The right to keep and bear arms is a civil right, and folks don’t like to see their civil rights violated. It tends to energize the people who Simpson and other RINOs falsely believe are their base.

Of course, there is another option: Simpson can quit playing games and whistle-up a constitutional carry bill. Twenty-one other states have passed it. Simpson is the only lawmaker in Tally blocking Florida from becoming number 22. Of this we are certain, despite his lame attempts at obfuscating the blame.

Move the bill, Senator. Do it now.