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Dear Jill, Barack, Susan or whoever is really in charge of the country – enough is enough.

The jig is up. The game is over. The entire country can see the emperor has no clothes.

Please stop forcing Joe to shamble out in front of the cameras. It’s bordering on elder abuse.

He can’t even read from the teleprompter coherently, and his slurring is getting much worse. Add in his random angry outbursts and it’s obvious the dementia is winning. We can see it for ourselves, as can our adversaries. Xi, Putin and the Fat Boy King in Pyongyang laugh every time Joe dodders to the mic. The United States of America needs to project strength, not humor and certainly not sympathy.

It’s not like Joe will be missed. He’s admitted he’s not calling the shots. He’s constantly complaining about it. How many times has he told the press he’s been ordered not to talk to them? It is time for this charade to end. Besides, the country would appreciate getting important information directly from the real shot-callers, instead of trying to make sense of whatever Joe has been preprogrammed to say, which always come out indecipherable.

Now is the time. Please allow Joe to retire from public life, gracefully. Let him nap, eat ice cream cones and play with Major, who could definitely use some attention. (Is there a White House staffer he hasn’t bit?)

You will lose the House and Senate next year, so bring on the 25th Amendment and let us struggle with Kamala for what will likely be an even more painful term of office. Hopefully, whoever she picks as Veep will have more to offer than giggles and a room-temperature IQ and be able to teach her how to station-keep, while we patiently await 2024.

The signs are all there. No one respects the Office of the President anymore. Joe has become a laughingstock, certainly not the commander in chief he purports to be. The cries of “Let’s go Brandon” will only become louder and more frequent.

It’s time to let Joe go, for him personally and for the betterment of the country. Do it now, because as Joe just said of the vax: “It’s your patriotic duty.”