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Four antigun groups have sent Joe Biden a strongly worded letter reminding him of his campaign promises, lauding his efforts, but expressing their dissatisfaction with his results.

“You ran on one of the strongest gun violence prevention platforms in American history, promising to pursue a bold agenda that broadly resonated with voters, particularly young people, across the country. Since taking office, you have taken significant steps to invest in the communities closest to the pain of everyday interpersonal gun violence, begun the process of regulating particularly deadly firearms and firearm accessories, and announced a plan for responding to the troubling increase of gun violence across our nation. And while we celebrate these critical actions, they fall significantly short of the promises you yourself made while running for the presidency,” according to a letter obtained by Politico.

According to the letter, the groups want Biden to establish a White House “Office of Gun Violence Prevention in order to streamline the government’s efforts to reduce violence, recognize gun violence as a national security crisis and a public health and prevention priority, and establish a long-term sustained effort to reduce gun deaths.”


The letter was sent by Guns Down America, March for Our Lives, the Newtown Action Alliance and Survivors Empowered.

Other antigun groups have been effusive in their praise for Biden. This is the first public pushback Biden has received from gun-banning groups.

“President Biden has spent his career fighting for common sense gun violence prevention measures and has delivered — including by beating the NRA to create federal background checks and pass a 10-year ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines,” White House spokesperson Mike Gwin told Politico.


The groups specifically mentioned the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act.

“It is frankly, shocking to see this administration reject the advice of the movement to go into court, defending this law, which the president claims he wants to see repealed,” Igor Volsky, executive director of the advocacy group Guns Down America, told Politico. “This isn’t the first time they did this.”