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I’m an outspoken person. I’ve been so my entire life, and sometimes it can get me in trouble, depending on what it is I’m speaking out against and who’s listening. Let’s take those “Happy Ending Stories” I often refer to on the radio show. A happy ending, in my estimation, is when a bad guy gets his due while trying to deprive another human being of their right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. In other words, he gets taken out by a good guy and, in many cases, that means becoming dead at the hands of their intended victims.

Too bad for the dead criminal and yay for the victim, who stopped them from committing a violent act against themselves or others.

I’ve received emails over the years from those who understand my anger at the bad guy but accuse me of being callous and inconsiderate to my fellow human beings by referring to their death as a happy ending. Let me explain it this way  — I wish no harm against any human being unless of course, they are attempting to deprive me or my loved ones of our right to life liberty and pursuit of happiness. If they are, and I have the opportunity, I’m going to shoot them and I’m not going to stop shooting them until they no longer present a threat to me and mine. If they die, so be it. They brought it on themselves and I’m going to be happy beyond words that they were unable to finish the job they started when they selected me or my family as their victims. I’m just as happy for you if you survive an encounter brought on by someone who attempted to make you their latest victim and you planted them underground. As a Christian, that doesn’t mean I don’t pray for their souls, I do, but too bad for them. They should have chosen another line of work.

I’ve also received a few emails from folks who think I’m too hard on Biden as his mental faculties decline. I’ve seen Joe Biden decline on my own over the years. I don’t need anyone to tell me. I can see it with my own eyes. The guy is losing it. Unfortunately, the guy “losing it” is also the president of the United States of America, to date the most powerful nation this world has ever known. That makes Biden, and any other president, the most powerful person on Earth (unless he gives our enemies a vast array of advanced armaments they can and will use against us and at the same time trusts those enemies to be our friends, but no American president would do that, would they)? For that reason, I have no intention of letting up on him. Joe Biden chose to run for president and therefore gets the heat he deserves. The man and his party stand against everything I hold dear and the values I teach my children every day or try to anyway, and I’m not going to give him, or anyone around him, a pass.

When Joe Biden flutters his empty eyes in that 100-yard stare or can’t remember the names of his staff, I’m going to remind you of how bad it is.

I remember years ago when talk radio giant Rush Limbaugh said on air that he hoped for Obama to fail. The lefty fake news outlets shredded him, or tried to anyway but couldn’t because Rush was bigger than all of them. I understood exactly what he meant and I agreed with him. I feel the same about the socialists running this country now. I want the Biden agenda to fail in the exact way Rush meant it back then. Just like Limbaugh was bigger than they were, America is bigger than these Marxist creeps and their allies in the press and America will survive Biden’s socialist failures, as bad as they are going to be (Think Afghanistan and worse).

I’m saddened at what’s happening to my country, at the Biden surrender in Afghanistan, the leftist violence in our streets, the rise of nasty communists such as AOC and her despicable squad of Corey Bush loudmouth, America hating hypocrites. I’m disgusted by ungrateful haters such as pink-headed Megan Rapinoe, the female Colin Kapernick and others who, for some reason have lost their way. They’ve seemingly forgotten what America means and have lost their sense of country and loyalty. They’ve forgotten that America gave them the opportunity to become the assholes they are.

I’m simply reminding them that America gives me the same right and frankly, the obligation, to withstand and fight their Marxist assault on everything this nation represents, in whatever arena they choose and I don’t feel bad about any of it.