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Mark Walters is the host of two national radio broadcasts, Armed American Radio’s Daily Defense and flagship Armed American Radio, he is the co-founder of AAN, author of three books, and member of the board of directors of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA). Mark is the CEO of parent company CCW Broadcast Media, LLC

AAN update. Changes to ATF Form 4473 and Biden claims “societal guilt”

https://youtu.be/0J60WnsLbcE Biden issues Sandy Hook statement blaming all gun owners for the actions of criminals and said we should be suffering from societal guilt. ATF changes background check form 4473 for 18-21 y/o gun buyers designed to dissuade them from even buying a gun. Just another form of end-run gun control.

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12-11-2022 AAR Monstercast Recap

12-11-2022 Armed American Radio update. The epic lineup included Alan Gottlieb talking about court cases ongoing followed by King Randall and Urban Crime. Keeping kids away from criminal activity is where it starts. Hour two saw Cam Edwards and Stacy Washington, two powerhouse broadcasters talking politics and gun rights and the AAR Roundtable

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12-06-2022 AAR news update

https://youtu.be/t7tEU6YPLms Kevin Starrett Oregon Firearms Fed breaks news on the court battle in OR over ballot measure 114. More news on Tampa PD Chief seeking favors on a traffic stop and Philly gas station owner hiring armed security, and it's working!

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Dave Workman, FBI crime stats, Tulsi Gabbard bails on Dems, 40% of cities fail to report crime.

Dave Workman joins me in the first hour of the broadcast to discuss his latest columns including the FBI active shooter stats from Crime Prevention Research Center and Dr. John R. Lott. In addition, we cover the latest crime numbers showing four Michigan cities topping violent crime in America and how the anti-gun

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