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Being a female gun owner is always an interesting ordeal, especially when it comes to debating firearms laws and legislation.

Anytime a gun control advocate preaches from their pedestal, they almost always resort to the same tired argument: that all gun owners are men who are overcompensating or trying to be more masculine.

We saw it again over the last week when gun control zealot David Hogg made multiple blanket statements about firearm owners:

As I pointed out to Hogg, women are the largest demographic of new gun owners. Even though women were the largest percentage of new firearms owners pre-COVID, the pandemic and George Floyd riots propelled those number to new heights.

Women saw what happened when cities like Kenosha, Wisconsin and Lancaster, Pennsylvania were burned and Americans were forced to defend themselves. This was no longer something that happened only in big metropolitan cities. It was happening in the suburbs and that hit close to home for many women, including those with young children.

But here’s what’s even more remarkable.

According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), more than 5.4 million Americans become first-time gun owners in 2021. Of those new gun owners, 33% are women.

I bring all of this up for one reason: to remind anti-gunners that they need to brush up on their information and come up with actual arguments for supporting the legislation they advocate for. If they want to slap new regulations on us, they should know what’s actually on the books and why people choose to own and carry firearms.

After all, when anti-gunners resort to ad hominin attacks, they’re telling women we don’t matter and our safety concerns are in our head.

But here’s a newsflash for people like David Hogg: some of us have been victims of violent crimes and we choose to never go down that path again. Some of us have seen what happens when a woman is unarmed and we choose to carry to protect ourselves versus leaving things up to strangers.

And if you’re ever interested in knowing why women choose to be responsible gun owners, talk to us. Don’t dismiss us.