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By Beth Baumann

Delta Airlines is urging the Biden administration to place passengers upset with COVID restrictions, like mask mandates, on the no-fly list.

Delta CEO Ed Bastian wrote to Attorney General Merrick Garland, saying the move “will help prevent future incidents and serve as a strong symbol of the consequences of not complying with crew member instructions on commercial aircraft,” Reuters reported.

As of now, around 1,900 passengers have been placed on Delta’s own no-fly list, with more than 900 names submitted to TSA so the agency can file civil cases against the passengers.

But the real danger of Bastian’s proposal is the potential to turn law-abiding gun owners into prohibited possessors.

Think about it.

Democrats have continually tried to ram through gun control legislation that makes those on ineligible to own and possess firearms. If those that refuse to wear a mask end up on the no-fly list and anti-gunners use that list to change the parameters for who is legally allowed to own a gun, those without a criminal history would be barred from firearm ownership.

The issue so many of us have with the no-fly list is the lack of due process. Anyone and everyone can be put on the list, no questions asked. In fact, some people don’t even know they’re on the no-fly list until they attempt to purchase a ticket or board an airplane. Even then, they have no ability to challenge the decision. What’s done is done.

And this, folks, is how we end up with another unconstitutional gun control law on the books.