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By Beth Baumann

Whenever we hear the term “gun violence,” the media lines up to hear from Shannon Watts, the head of Moms Demand Action. The mainstream media assumes Shannon and her tribe speak for all women, which is the furthest thing from the truth.

Watts recently wrote an opinion piece in Elle, claiming gun rights activists are pro-gun because “they hate [Moms Demand Action] because we’re women.”

Actually, Shannon, we loathe you because you spew blatant lies. You sit on a pedestal and talk down to those of us that believe in the right to keep and bear arms. But more than anything, you work to disarm us while you trot around with armed security, the very luxury average Americans can’t afford.

And, of course, Shannon firearms as a symbol of “far-right misogyny.”

“Guns have long been a recruiting tool of the far right: They often get people in the door and are a vital part of extremists’ organizing strategy. So does misogyny. Bonding over a hatred of women, or frustration with their inability to control them, gets men through the door, too,” Watts wrote. “Once there, the anger and resentments grow, and talk can turn to action. The combination of easy access to guns and misogyny in our country has deadly consequences.”

Shannon, where you see people obsessed with firearms, we see the need to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

Where you see “easy access to firearms,” we see respect for a powerful tool.

Where you see a hatred of women, we see a fierce defense of women’s rights.

The thing is, Shannon, you’re really great at playing the woman card, but you don’t speak for all women. You sure as hell don’t speak for me or the plenty of other gun-toting women I know.

You know why?

Because those of us that fight for the Second Amendment see firearms as a great equalizer. There are plenty of us that have fallen victim to domestic violence or sexual assault. We know what it means to be unarmed and we never want to be unprepared again.

Not to mention that when people like you claim firearms are only for men, YOU create the very misogynistic talking point you’re trying to dispel.

So please, Shannon, shut the hell up.