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by Beth Baumann

On Sunday, CNN’s Jim Acosta talked with left-wing author Kurt Anderson about the “right’s ongoing propaganda campaign and resistance to vaccinations.” Of course, that conversation immediately went to how Second Amendment-supporting Americans hate others.

“Anderson compared lower vaccine rates among red states to ‘mass human sacrifices that took place in large complex empires not unlike ours,’ before the duo pivoted to gun control,” Fox News reported.

‘‘Perhaps, this revival of mass human sacrifice in the United States is just a passing thing that will go away but … on the other hand, the Republicans have, for years now, been doing a different kind of what is effectively mass human sacrifice in terms of gun deaths and eliminating all gun regulation,’ Anderson said as Acosta jumped in.”

“‘A maximalist view of freedom over lives,’ Acosta said,” according to Fox News.

It’s absolutely irresponsible for Anderson to spew blatant lies about firearm regulations. It’s even worse that a so-called “journalist” would allow a lie like that to go unchecked.

If there were no gun regulations, NICS would be a thing of the past. You wouldn’t need a background check when you purchase a gun. There would be no need for FFLs to carry out transfers.

If there were no gun regulations, everyone would be able to carry a firearm without permission from the government. CCWs and CPLs would be a thing of the past.

If there were no gun regulations, people wouldn’t be barred from carrying a firearm in federal buildings and on school campuses.

If there were no gun regulations, the NFA and GCA would be abolished. Gun manufacturers would have the ability to manufacture and distribute fully automatic firearms.

If there were no gun regulations, Americans of all ages would legally be allowed to own a firearm. There wouldn’t be different age requirements depending on the state.

If there were no gun regulations, waiting periods wouldn’t exist.

If there were no gun regulations, magazine capacity limits, a ban on bump stocks, and a ban on AR-15s based on their cosmetic features would be a thing of the past.

There are too many firearm restrictions and regulations to list out. How many more do we need before people like Anderson and Acosta acknowledge that there are many, many limits on the Second Amendment?

If Acosta were anything more than a washed-up talking head disguised as a “journalist,” then he would have corrected Anderson and listed some of the more prominent gun control laws that are in place. After all, Democrats love touting gun control laws in places like California, New York, and Chicago.