California Attorney General Rob Bonta on Monday released “firearms data” on the state’s online portal, the OpenJustice Data Platform. Not surprisingly, the data includes the name and addresses of CCW holders in California.

The Reason Behind the Data Leak

According to Bonta, the goal is “to help the public access data on firearms,” specifically data about California’s CCW permits and “Gun Violence Restraining Orders,” otherwise known as Red Flag laws.

“Transparency is key to increasing public trust between law enforcement and the communities we serve,” Bonta said in a statement. “As news of tragic mass shootings continue to dominate the news cycle, leaving many with feelings of fear and uncertainty, we must do everything we can to prevent gun violence. One of my continued priorities is to better provide information needed to help advance efforts that strengthen California’s commonsense gun laws.

About California’s CCW Privacy Breach

Although this is obviously a breach of privacy for CCW holders in California, this was done on purpose! And the most laughable part? Bonta and his DOJ claim to be “protecting identifying information in the data the Department collects and maintains.”

If Bonta’s DOJ protected identifying information, why did Reddit users locate California CCW holders’ names and addresses? (Thread via our friends at The Gun Feed):

Not long after the data breach was brought to the public’s attention, the link floating on Reddit 404ed.

What’s even more alarming is additional information about CCW holders appears to be floating around:

The Politics Behind the Leak

Attorney General Bonta willingly released California CCW holders’ private data in retaliation for the Bruen decision. Democrats in the Golden State are looking at ways of skirting the Supreme Court’s decision while sticking it to law-abiding gun owners.

(CCW – Concealed Carry or Carry a Concealed Weapon)