Opinion: On Finland’s new ranges, Puukko knives and Sisu

When Soviet Red Army troops poured across the Finnish frontier three months after the outbreak of World War II, Simo Häyhä, a farmer and member of Finland’s Civil Guard, laid down his pitchfork, picked up his M28-30 Mosin Nagant, jammed his Puukko knife in his belt and calmly went out to kill some communists. Häyhä

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CCRKBA: Times Square attack destroys ‘sensitive area’ gun ban argument

BELLEVUE, WA – A wild shooting incident in New York City’s Times Square demolishes any argument by Mayor Eric Adams, Gov. Kathy Hochul and Democrat lawmakers in Albany that their so-called “sensitive area” gun ban prevents violent crime, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms said. New York police are searching

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OPINION: The true intent of the Democrats’ anti-militia bill is to infringe on firearm training

As a law-abiding citizen of this great country, I can form my own militia if I so choose, appoint myself colonel, enlist my friends as privates or PFCs, and we can run around the woods until we all keel over from heatstroke or heart attacks – whatever comes first. It’s all perfectly legal, at least

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The ‘most memorable gun violence journalism of 2023,’ according to the Trace

The Trace, the propaganda arm of former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg’s antigun empire, recently published their picks for “The Most Memorable Gun Violence Journalism of 2023.” If there was a Pulitzer Prize category for gaslighting or agitprop, the 14 stories highlighted by the Trace would all be serious contenders. CNN leads the list,

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Bloomberg lauds the Gun Violence Archive for its pretend data

Whenever Bloomberg Businessweek writes about firearms or the Second Amendment it’s forced to disclose to readers that its owner is rabidly anti-gun. No one has spent more of their personal wealth to infringe upon the Second Amendment than former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg. So, when the topic is guns, his mainstream newswire adds

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A quarter-million Israeli gun applicants prove the necessity of our Second Amendment

More than 260,000 Israelis have applied for firearm permits since the horrific Hamas terrorist attacks, according to The Times of Israel. While the Israeli government has loosened some permitting restrictions, the results are still far from the civil rights Americans enjoy under the Second Amendment. Itamar Ben Gvir, Israel’s National Security Minister, told the Times

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New Yorker with questionable credentials trying to stop unlicensed carry in Florida

New York native Christopher McClenic says he founded the Stop Permitless Carry in Florida political action committee four months ago to “make life easier for law enforcement.” McClenic, a retired Secret Service special agent, takes issue with CS/HB543, which Gov. Ron DeSantis signed into law April 3. The law, which took effect July 1, authorizes

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How to fix the damage Joe Biden has done to the Second Amendment

The Biden-Harris administration has done more harm to the Second Amendment than all previous administrations combined. Biden and his unelected, behind-the-scenes shot-callers have been methodical in their multifaceted war on our civil rights. The next administration – if it’s one that actually respects the law and its citizens – will have a lot of work

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ATF ignoring machinegun-toting thugs, will ban legally owned ARs instead

by Lee Williams More than 500 people have been shot and killed in Chicago this year. More than 2,220 have been shot and wounded. On any weekend, Chicago streets reverberate with the sound of fully automatic fire. It remains America’s deadliest domestic war zone. According to one violence tracker, a Chicagoan is shot every 2

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The Trace tries to clarify its story, still claims to be journalists

Tali Woodward, Bob Woodward’s daughter and editor-in-chief of Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun propaganda factory, the Trace, says there is a simple reason why her freelance reporter Ted Alcorn told a gun maker he was writing a story for Wired, which was later published by the Trace. “As frequently happens in journalism, Alcorn reported the story on

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