Your civil rights shouldn’t depend on your address or your judge

The American tradition of home gunsmithing was not specifically codified in the Constitution. Perhaps it should have been. I understand why the Founders left it out. They were practical men, of course, chock-full of common sense. They knew Americans couldn’t fully enjoy their newfound right to keep and bear arms without the ability to build

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ATF’s poorly trained ‘operators’ are a threat to public safety

Selection, training and leadership are vital to any special operations team, regardless of their size or mission parameters. The more rigorous the selection process, the more comprehensive the training, the more professional the leadership, the better the unit will perform. Delta Force’s Operators Training Course, for example, is six months long, and teaches advanced CQB,

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Arkansas Attorney General suddenly mum about fatal ATF raid

Arkansas Attorney General Tim Griffin is the top law enforcement officer in the state, and he is ultimately responsible for safeguarding the lives and civil rights of the more than 3.5 million Arkansans who call The Natural State home. After the ATF shot and killed 53-year-old airport executive Bryan Malinowski in his home during a

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Who will ATF shoot next?

The ATF went to Bryan Malinowski’s West Little Rock home last month spoiling for a gunfight, and they got one. Now, a good man is dead – the latest victim of ATF’s overly aggressive tactics and complete disregard for the sanctity of human life. ATF has yet to comment officially on the March 19 killing,

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BREAKING: ATF almost complies with a federal law

Senior ATF officials must have noticed Joe Biden’s shockingly low poll numbers and realized that their war against law-abiding American gun owners will soon be lost. Now, the ATF is taking steps to clean house as much as possible and get rid of any proof that they violated the civil rights of millions of Americans,

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Terrorism is a disease. Constitutional carry is the cure

FBI Director Christopher Wray must be frustrated. He issued one of the strongest terrorism warnings earlier this week, but few seemed to notice and even fewer seemed to care. Instead, the legacy media remained fixated on the testimony of former special counsel Robert K. Hur, who concluded that Joe Biden committed multiple federal crimes but

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The ATF Director and his mysterious 75-round clip

It turns out Joe Biden’s second choice to lead the ATF, Steve Dettelbach, wasn’t lying when he told his Senate confirmation committee that he wasn’t a firearms expert. Dettelbach appeared Sunday on CBS’ Face the Nation, accompanied by Agent Chris, whom the ATF Director described as one of his “leading experts.” From a public relations

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Opinion: On Finland’s new ranges, Puukko knives and Sisu

When Soviet Red Army troops poured across the Finnish frontier three months after the outbreak of World War II, Simo Häyhä, a farmer and member of Finland’s Civil Guard, laid down his pitchfork, picked up his M28-30 Mosin Nagant, jammed his Puukko knife in his belt and calmly went out to kill some communists. Häyhä

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CCRKBA: Times Square attack destroys ‘sensitive area’ gun ban argument

BELLEVUE, WA – A wild shooting incident in New York City’s Times Square demolishes any argument by Mayor Eric Adams, Gov. Kathy Hochul and Democrat lawmakers in Albany that their so-called “sensitive area” gun ban prevents violent crime, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms said. New York police are searching

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OPINION: The true intent of the Democrats’ anti-militia bill is to infringe on firearm training

As a law-abiding citizen of this great country, I can form my own militia if I so choose, appoint myself colonel, enlist my friends as privates or PFCs, and we can run around the woods until we all keel over from heatstroke or heart attacks – whatever comes first. It’s all perfectly legal, at least

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