Biden using complicit media to target First and Second Amendments

Journalists were once champions of Free Speech. Some even went to jail for the beliefs. Nowadays, they are openly calling for increased government censorship and regurgitating anything else the Biden-Harris administration desires. The Fourth Estate has muzzled itself and abrogated its once powerful government watchdog role, which even critics said was vital to the

Dr. Oz isn’t fooling anyone with his pro-2A pontificating

On Friday, Pennsylvania Senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz shared his “pro-Second Amendment” ad on Twitter. He claims he “will never back down from the fight to protect our Second Amendment rights.” https://twitter.com/DrOz/status/1520058218118008832?s=20&t=xVZgL64qC4gGRTvIZuAfNg But let’s be clear about something: Dr. Oz is not a friend of gun owners and those

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Open carry is not the same as constitutional carry, USA Today

Every single time the legacy media writes about guns, gun rights or any Second Amendment topic they screw it up – every single time … I have holsters older than must of today’s reporters, so my expectations are already pretty low. For example, I don’t expect to see a column touting the pros and

Woke media pounce on sheriff who advocates shooting home invaders

Santa Rosa County (Florida) Sheriff Bob Johnson describes himself as a cop, not a politician. He certainly has the résumé. Johnson started at the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office in 1993. He has served on the department’s SWAT team for 20 years, worked as a major crimes detective, supervised the narcotics unit, worked as

Twitter quietly removing shadow bans and other restrictions from conservative accounts

Over the past few days, I and other conservatives have noticed unprecedented activity on our Twitter accounts. The reach of our posts has increased dramatically, as has their engagement. Activity such as likes, replies and retweets has spiked sharply. According to several longtime followers, our tweets now show up in their news feeds. Before,

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Elon Musk’s Twitter purchase good for gun owners, probably

Gun owners have never had a level playing field on Twitter or any other social media platform. It was always as if someone was looking over your shoulder – someone always was. Anyone who has posted support for the Second Amendment on Twitter for any length of time – I’ve had an account since

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Colorado woman convicted of lying on Red Flag petition against cop who shot and killed her son

The most dangerous aspect of red flag laws is that the petitioner can lie in order to get someone's guns taken away by the court. Enter Susan Holmes, a Fort Collins, Colorado woman who was grieving the 2017 killing of her son Jeremy by a Colorado State University police officer, who was cleared of

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Keane: NYC Mayor calls Bloomberg a gun control ‘Paul Revere”

Editor's note: This just in from the National Shooting Sports Foundation: There was a sense of Back to the Future in New York City when current Democratic Mayor Eric Adams was joined by former Mayor Michael Bloomberg for an announcement. Bloomberg, of course, is the failed presidential candidate and hypocritical billionaire subsidizer of anti-Second Amendment gun control groups Mayors

Biden arms terrorists then disarms law-abiding Americans

Among the $80 billion worth of high-tech weaponry Joe Biden gifted to the Taliban after his inept and deadly Afghanistan withdraw were 176 artillery pieces, 64,363 belt-fed machine guns, 126,295 handguns and of course 358,530 select-fire assault weapons – real assault weapons. Most of the assault rifles were equipped with high-end optics. Many had

CCRKBA: A majority of Americans doubts tougher gun laws will prevent shootings

BELLEVUE, WA – The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms said today a new Rasmussen survey reinforces what they have been saying for years: More gun control laws are not the answer to preventing shootings like Tuesday’s New York subway attack. According to Rasmussen, 51 percent of likely voters doubt

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