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Review: Florida Firm’s Female-Only Defensive Carry Course a Joke

One of my goals for 2022 was to take as many training courses as possible. After receiving numerous Facebook ads for a women's only "defensive carry course" conducted by Florida-based Focused Fire Training, curiosity got the best of me, and I decided to sign up for the course. Focused Fire Training's Course Description and Details

Product Review: A revolutionary rifle sling designed by an experienced Tier One operator

People pay attention when Bob Keller introduces a new piece of gear, because Bob knows what works and has never compromised his standards.   Bob spent his entire career in Army Special Operations, first as a Ranger, then as a Special Forces 18-C and finally as an operator, team leader and acting-Sergeant Major in the

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I don’t deserve a rifle case this good

I am so happy we partnered with Cedar Mill Fine Firearms. They continue to impress. We’re reviewed their incredible Discreet Concealment Guitar Rifle Case (the cool factor is still off the charts) and their Rifle and Pistol Cleaning Kit (it’s still the best deal out there), and now they sent their Slim Double Rifle

Can you buy dependable body armor for under $200?

The experiment was simple: try to find NIJ-compliant level III body armor that won’t break the bank. There are a couple things to keep in mind. First, I’m a 50+year-old civilian. Neither Delta nor Devgru are going to ask me to help take doors anytime soon, so I don’t need the best armor money

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How to build a reliable bug-out bag

A train derails near your home releasing a cloud of toxic gas. You have minutes, if not seconds, to grab what you need to survive and flee. An F5 tornado is headed straight for your home like a freight train. Sheltering in place is not an option. You have seconds to decide what to

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Product review: A great tactical weapon cleaning kit at a fantastic price

Based on the incredible response to a product review I wrote about The Discreet Concealment Guitar Rifle Case from Cedar Mill Fine Firearms, I decided to see what else the Longview, Washington-based family-owned firm had to offer. Their Rifle and Pistol Cleaning Kit immediately caught my eye, and Cedar Mill Fine Firearms was kind

The cool factor is off the charts

I have to disclose something right from the start – I love this product. I lost all perspective the minute I opened the box. The Discreet Concealment Guitar Rifle Case from Cedar Mill Fine Firearms is rugged, well made and has a price-point that’s more than fair: MSRP is $169.99. A good friend asked

Product Review: LUCID Optics B-8 8×42 Binoculars

Life got a little busier and more interesting for Jason Wilson, founder and CEO of LUCID Optics, earlier this month, when Outdoor Life chose his B-8 8x42 binoculars for their list of the best new hunting binoculars of 2021. A lot of people took notice, especially since some of the magazine’s other picks cost

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Defender Coffee’s 1776 And Liberty Roasts

Defender Coffee donates profits to pro-gun groups, including FPC, GOA and SAF. For me, caffeine is a food group, not unlike nicotine, bourbon and rare steak. I’m not into flavored blends — I like coffee flavored coffee — and decaf is the devil. I need a strong, dark roast to get me going each

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