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A “business” dispute between two cliques of a young gentlemen’s club known as the Four Corner Hustlers resulted in a shootout Friday morning in Chicago’s Austin community.

One club member was killed, two were wounded.

Chicago Police sent their SWAT team to break up the fracas.

Police found more than 70 spent shell casings at the scene.

Five club members were arrested. Police wanted them charged with aggravated battery and murder. But on Sunday, the state attorney’s office dropped all charges and all five club members were released.

The reason?

The state attorney’s office decided that the young ne’er-do-wells weren’t guilty of battery or murder. Their disagreement, and the 1 KIA and 2 WIA, were the result of “mutual combat.”

Mutual combat is defined as a “fight into which both parties enter willingly, or in which two persons, upon a sudden quarrel, and in hot blood, mutually fight upon equal terms.”

Therefore, if two youths both willing enter into a fight – with guns, knives or fists – legally, they have no concerns.

In other words, Chicago has just legalized dueling.