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When senior Dems say publicly there are “issues” with Joe Biden’s nominee for ATF, David Chipman, things are serious.

When Senate Majority Whip Dick Durban says it, it’s a catastrophe for Biden and his anti-gun agenda. After all, it’s Durban’s job to count the votes, and he’s obviously coming up a few short. The most likely candidates are Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) and Jon Tester (D-Mont.) — who have yet to announce how they will vote.

Based on Durban’s statements, Chipman’s nomination is likely DOA, but we cannot afford to take our foot off the gas.

Now, more than ever before, we need every gun owner to contact their Senators and tell them to oppose Chipman’s nomination. In fact, don’t just make one call. Please contact each of your Senators field offices — most have around a dozen — and tell everyone who answers that phone that you hope the Senator will vote against Chipman’s nomination.

Clearly, Chipman’s nomination was a meant to send a message to gun owners. Rather than extending an olive branch, Biden — or whoever is actually calling the shots at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue — extended his middle finger, and we reacted in a fearsome way. Once Chipman’s nomination is finally over, and that could come soon, we will have sent Joe a similar message.

Chipman is a dopey little fella who should never have been nominated. He became the ultimate deer in the headlights while being grilled by the Senate committee. His nomination was an insult — it should never have happened. He’s an affront to everyone who owns a gun or values their God-given constitutional rights.

Once this is finally over, his career will be too. Giffords won’t be able to trot him out to testify in front of congressional committees. His idiocy has been outed. Everyone saw it. There’s no redemption possible. Time for him to slink away. Good riddance.