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Sen. Majority leader, Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is calling on the US DOJ to investigate the gun rights organization for bankruptcy fraud.

Chuck Schumer tweeted the following: “NRA claimed they were ‘bankrupt’ to escape the NY Attorney General’s jurisdiction But they’ve been spending millions on ads, mailers, texts, TV, & more to stop common sense gun reforms The U.S. Department of Justice must investigate if NRA committed fraud or other offenses ASAP.”

NRA spokesperson, Andrew Arulanandum told Armed American News:

“The NRA has said repeatedly in public forums that we are financially stronger than ever. We have also said that we will continue to wage, and win, the public debate over ‘gun control.’  It is regrettable that Sen. Schumer chose to ignore those salient facts in his press conference Sunday,” says Andrew Arulanandam, managing director of NRA Public Affairs. “And unfortunately for Sen. Schumer and his gun control money masters, our winning arguments are protected by the First Amendment. That’s why Sen. Schumer’s weak, tyrannical threat of DOJ retaliation fails.”

Arulanandam continued, “Gun control proposals are deeply unpopular, because voters know what Sen. Schumer chooses to ignore: criminals are the cause of the murder spike in America’s cities – not law-abiding gun owners.”

“The NRA believes Sen. Schumer is promoting a false narrative,” says William A. Brewer III, counsel to the NRA. “The NRA pursued a financial reorganization for one reason: to streamline its financial and legal affairs. The truth is, the proceedings in question confirmed what the Association disclosed from the outset – the NRA is financially solvent, and the filing in Texas was part of its long-term plans to effectively serve its members. Although the bankruptcy court did not believe the filing was for a proper bankruptcy purpose, it specifically did not find the NRA acted in bad faith. The facts speak for themselves, despite the political gamesmanship of the NRA’s adversaries.”

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