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Earlier this morning as I was getting my day started, I was watching a Fox News morning report discussing the Taliban “cracking down,” on journalists in Afghanistan. That opened my eyes. What does it mean to “crack down” on journalists? I would imagine if you’re the Taliban, ‘cracking down” on anything would be pretty harsh treatment.

Over the years we’ve seen the Taliban murder, torture, and rape those who don’t obey their prehistoric rules and Sharia law edicts. Beheadings, and more. Yup, that sounds like “cracking down” to me. I’m not sure what Fox News meant by the term but they’re the ones who wrote it into the story. I’m pretty sure a Taliban spokesperson didn’t call the Fox news desk and tell the reporter on call that they were “cracking down” on journalists. No, this is a term used by America’s media to embellish a story, give it some flash and make it sound exciting, hard-core and bloody.

The Taliban cracking down on anything generates visions of punishment. That’s what “cracking down” means to me, anyway.

So, I got to thinking about how many times I’ve heard the media refer to Joe Biden “cracking down” on things he doesn’t like. One quick web search of “Joe Biden cracks down” reveals dozens of headlines using the same threatening message.

  • Joe Biden “cracks down” on mask bans
  • Biden signs new order ‘cracking down on Big Tech
  • Joe Biden “cracks down” on Big Oil
  • Biden announces plan to “crack down” on merchants of death
  • Finally Biden “cracks down” on unvaccinated snowflakes
  • Biden to “crack down” on bad apple gun dealers
  • Biden plans to “crack down” on ghost guns
  • Biden announces “crack down” on guns
  • NRA to fight back as Biden vows to “crack down” on gun rights

I could go on but you get the idea. Biden, according to the various media outlets out there, sure does like to “crack down” on folks, a lot!

Words mean things.

Here’s the Webster Dictionary definition of “crackdown”:

I’m not sure why these various “news” outlets use the term “crack down” when talking about the Taliban and a US President who has made it clear that there are many Americans and its institutions he would like to “crack down” on? Does Biden intend to “crack down” on Americans in the same way the Taliban plans to “crack down” on American sympathizers, citizens and journalists? Whats specifically does he mean when he uses that phrase?

Here’s the deal. I’m getting pretty sick of listening to a US President tell me his “patience is wearing thin” and that he wants to “crack down” on my way of life. I take that seriously and issue the following statement. Words mean things.

I and millions of other law-abiding Americans, will “crack back” if necessary.