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Recently the gift that keeps on giving, aka, David Hogg, known for his tweet stupidity and illogical musings when it comes to gun rights, made a fool of himself, again. Keeping in mind this happens on a fairly regular basis, two of his most recent tweets bear scrutiny for their sheer lack of intelligence. David Hogg


Yes, he really said that. The brilliance of the Beta Hoggman on full display. In what has become a fairly common tactic over the years, the gun-grabbers, in an attempt to gain a certain level of legitimacy, play one of us by claiming to actually be one of us. In this case Hoggify attempts to acquaint himself as a gun owner with the proverbial, I grew up with guns therefore I’m an expert and have the gun nuts by the balls. I’m actually one of them and they can’t argue with me.

In this case, the attempt fails miserably as it usually does with this clown. Because Hoggmeister’s dad schooled him in firearms when he was younger, after he had to shoot his “quals,” Hogg is well aware that no one needs an A15 to defend themselves. (David Hogg’s father is a retired FBI agent that used the very guns he (Hoggmeister) said no one needs to defend themselves, well to defend himself).

Of course AR15’s and their variants are the single most popular rifle in America and are used safely by millions of American’s for sport, competition, hunting and yes, to defend themselves, just like the men and women of law-enforcement who defend themselves with the same firearms. One quick web search brings headline after headline of individuals who successfully used an AR15 to defend themselves.

There’s this:

  • Man uses AR15 to defend himself against 4 home invaders
  • 15 year-old boy uses an AR15 to defend himself and his sister..
  • Pennsylvania man used an AR15 to defend himself and his wife…
  • Oklahoma man uses AR15 to kill three teen home invaders…
  • Man uses AR15 to defend himself and girlfriend from masked home invaders

I could go on and on and on but David Hogg’s Harvard head might explode. In another display of Harvard tweet brilliance, The Hoggified One said this:


The illustrious wisdom of The Hoggtopian fascist on full display. Everyone that fights for gun rights is aging and dying and when you’re dead and gone, he’ll be the only one left standing because he’s young and apparently too stupid to realize he too, is aging with every breath he takes.. You can’t make this stuff up. Here’s a note to this imbecile – There are millions of us, of all ages, many younger than you, you obnoxious little punk, who unlike you, have the constitution on our side. Try as you might you little fascist, but freedom will always win the day.

Prepare to get your ass handed to you by SCOTUS in a few short months which will mean three solid victories for the Second Amendment to your big, fat, zero. Do us all a favor though and stick around long enough to keep us laughing until we all die. You’re good at that!

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