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As I do show prep for my radio broadcast each day, I’m constantly evaluating stories worthy of on-air discussion. I’ve often referred to that part of my job as “research triage’” as the evaluation process finalizes for that day’s program topics and some make the days cut while others get left behind. Sometimes, the enemies of our freedoms, the Democrats, make it so easy, it isn’t fair. That happened on Friday as I was closing in on show time and ran across a story out of Fox 5 Atlanta titled, “Atlanta City Leaders search for solutions amid gun violence crisis.” 

The further I dug into the piece, the more obvious it became that I had struck what we call “radio gold.” It simply couldn’t have gotten any better. I think you’ll agree. To be clear, the city of Atlanta has only had two Republican mayors since 1848. The first was Dennis Hammond from 1871-1872 who served one term. The second was Nedom Angier from 1877-1879 who also served only one term. The city has been run by Democrats ever since. Like Chicago, also run by Democrats for a century, it is safe to say unequivocally that the Democrats own the success or failures of their respective cities. Nothing about those metropolises can be blamed on Republicans. The Democrats own it.

As the Fox 5 piece points out, Atlanta, like every other major American city controlled by Democrats, is suffering a massive increase in violent crime, particularly murder.

“After yet another weekend riddled with gun violenceplagued Atlanta, (sic) city leaders are vowing to take action. The wave of violence began Friday night, hours before sundown. It lasted well into Monday morning. In four separate shootings, four people were killed in the span of four hours early Monday.’

Vowing to take action? Violence on the streets of Atlanta has been an ongoing problem for decades. Gang violence, armed robberies, carjackings, stolen vehicles, burglaries, are all a part of life in the city. This is nothing new. I’m glad the city leaders are now “vowing to take action” after a century and a half.

But it gets better.

“Atlantans deserve and expect a safe community,” said Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms. “As our Administration continues to put considerable resources towards ending this COVID crime wave, the Anti-Violence Advisory Committee will begin work this week to make additional recommendations to help improve public safety throughout our city.”

Ah, I see. Today’s talking point is to blame today’s violence on “this COVID crime wave.” That naturally begs the question, what was it before COVID? Like Democrat mayors in other Democrat run cities who can’t control the violence in their own neck of the woods do, Atlanta Mayor Kiesha Lance Bottoms blames anything but the failed policies of 142 years of Democrat failure. Today it’s COVID. A flu-like virus is making bad people do bad things. Not the failed policies of a century and a half of documented corruption, negligence, and catastrophic miscarriage of leadership. Nope. COVID did it. Now what?

But it gets better.

When asked for a statement on the record, an Atlanta PD “spokesperson” added the following: “Gun violence isn’t a political issue. It is not a 2nd Amendment issue and it, (sic) not a race issue,” the statement reads. “It is people making terrible decisions with guns, poor anger management, and it is a profound carelessness and lack of regard for human life issue.”

Except it IS a political issue. It’s the Democrat party that has politicized gun rights for decades. In fact not a day goes by that the Democrat machine isn’t running their mouths about “gun safety” issues. In fact, it was a central campaign issue raised by Joe Biden from his basement every day of his presidential campaign. In the only other current ongoing campaign, the race for Virginia governor, Democrat Terry McCauliff is calling for gun bans, and other “gun safety” issues on a daily basis. Yes, it IS a political issue, thanks to the Democrat party and its gun-hating platform.

As far as it not being a “2nd Amendment issue?” Of course it’s a 2nd Amendment issue. In fact, every time a Democrat opens their mouths about “gun safety” measures or “gun violence,” they are calling for more gun control which of course is a political issue designed to limit the 2nd Amendment rights of all Americans. To suggest it is not a 2nd amendment issue with a straight face is a bald-faced lie.

“Not a race issue?” Of course it’s a race issue. Gun control laws are the most racist of all laws on the books. The origin of Jim Crow gun control laws date back to the reconstruction era, something the city of Atlanta knows a little bit about after being burned to the ground during the Civil War. One would think the current mayor of the city, Keisha Lance Bottoms would remember the fact that it was her party, the Democrats, that passed laws after the war designed to keep recently freed blacks from being armed for their own self-defense.

Ms. Bottoms might also do well to remember that it was a Republican Georgia House, Senate and Governor that wiped those Jim Crow laws off the books after nearly 150 years when they did away with “public gathering” laws designed to keep free blacks from being armed and congregating together for their own protection. I can certainly understand why she wouldn’t want to publicly acknowledge such as it shines the light of inconvenient truths upon her and the racist roots of her Democrat party. Not a good optic, huh Mayor?

But it gets better.

Atlanta Council member Antonio Brown, of course a Democrat, has recently announced his candidacy to succeed the current mayor who has decided not to run for reelection and will be out in 7 months. Mr. Brown, along with another brilliantly stupid Democrat council member, Andre Dickens, are blaming nightclubs for the city’s uptick in violent crime and murders.

“Many of the shootings have been happening at or near nightclubs, including one Monday morning inside Azule Lounge in the Lindbergh neighborhood of the city. Dickens said that cops need to step in to make sure patrons clear out after last call.

We have to have a conversation with his (sic) club owners and bar owners and say listen, you can operate in this town and make a good living and feed your families and employees,” he said. “But we are going to be there at 2:30, 3 o’clock to clear your parking lot.”

Ah, that’s it. If we could only clear out the nightclubs and bars, maybe, just maybe we could eliminate gang related drug crime and “gun violence” altogether. Of course, combined with the COVID excuse and nightclub patrons working their evil in tandem, this might not be an easy task.

Brown went further. “We need to start addressing the root of what is driving crime which (sic) is generational poverty. When you have generational poverty go unaddressed for so long, what you see right now is a side effect.” 

The “roots of generational poverty?” I almost fell over at this point! The roots of generational poverty, Mr. Brown are the 142 year of YOUR party malfeasance and corruption that have destroyed families for over a century. You and your Democrat colleagues own the “generational poverty” of which you speak. Again, this level of stupidity and dishonesty requires a significant amount of work. Brown is a prime example of brainlessness on display.

But it gets better.

Just when you realize how much work it takes for these people to achieve the level of stupidity they have evidently risen to, along comes a Green Party candidate, Alex Barrella to go even further.

“Something I wish to heavily push from executive (sic) office would be the defunding/abolition of our current policing institutions with the goal of putting in place a new department of public safety which uses diplomacy rather than force,” he said in a statement emailed to FOX 5. “By reinvesting/reallocating the funding from APD; (sic) we will be able to invest primarily in personnel & safety concept-development over buying equipment of warfare.”

So there it is! Right before our eyes. We should defund and reallocate millions of dollars away from policing and spend it on “personnel and safety concept-development,” if this idiot even knows what he means.

So there you have it. A level of stupidity you never thought a human being could attain, actually attained by several Democrats and a Green Party goober. Personally I would expect nothing less and look forward to the dull-headedness, ignorance, mindlessness, insanity, absurdity, asininity, slow-wittedness, to come.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any dumber, leave it to the Democrat party of stupidity to bring you back to Earth!