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After his disastrous Afghanistan rout, Joe Biden has no credibility, especially when it comes to his lifelong efforts to strip Americans of our right to keep and bear arms.

Any president who gives a terrorist organization – 358,530 real assault rifles, 126,295 handguns, 64,363 machineguns, 109 helos, 22,174 Humvees, 65 fixed-wing aircraft, 176 artillery pieces, 162,043 radios, 16,035 state-of-the-art night vision goggles, tanks, armored vehicles and much more – has lost the moral authority to demand anything related to our guns, much less that we surrender our ARs or pistol braces or register them with the NFA.

In my humble opinion, there’s no way Biden can walk to a podium and complain about the potential danger posed by an AR in American hands, after his foolishness created the best equipped terrorist army in the world. The Taliban is now a mechanized force with artillery and air support, great comms, pallets of taxpayer dollars just waiting to be spent, and the ability to fight at night.

But the antigun forces don’t care about international events, and they certainly aren’t going to relent. They’re frustrated. They were pressuring Biden to act during the middle of the Afghan debacle. Last week, four antigun groups sent Biden a letter reminding him of his campaign promises and expressing their dissatisfaction with his results.

Just a few days before he got the gun-banners’ strongly worded letter, Biden used the state department as a proxy to ban the import of Russian ammunition, and now the director of The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Rochelle Walensky, is chomping at the bit. She wants to get her agency involved in the war against our guns, too, which she views as a “serious public health threat.”

This will become the new normal.

Barack Obama, Susan Rice and whoever else has been pulling Biden’s strings are not going to stop their antigun efforts just because their puppet president has become a laughingstock at home and on the world stage. They’ve always played the long game when it comes to stripping us of our gun rights. They’re going to get creative.

We will likely see more federal agencies join with the Biden-Harris administration, the CDC and the State Department in their war against American gun owners.

Stay vigilant, friends.