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Researcher, Dr. John Lott continues his attempts to set the record straight when it comes to repeated claims by the gun control groups that the media continue to parrot as truth. Dr. John Lott, recently tricked in an elaborate scheme to speak at a high school graduation, when in fact the school didn’t even exist, is telling any media outlet who will listen, the truth about the incident.

“The gun control group, Change the Ref, had placed 3044 chairs in a field in front of an extravagant stage and media setup that they claim represent the number of students killed by gunfire last year who wouldn’t be able to graduate.”

Dr. John Lott told Armed American News on Thursday, “It’s disappointing the media keeps repeating the claims the gun control groups put out. The 3044 deaths is false… in fact it’s more like six to seven times higher than the actual deaths in that age group during that time period. It’s frustrating but the media just keeps repeating the claims.”
Dr. John Lott continues to get coverage of the event outside of the mainstream media the most recent being Real Clear Politics.

John Richard Lott Jr. (born May 8, 1958) is an American economist, political commentator, gun rights advocate, and Trump administration official. Lott was formerly employed at various academic institutions including the University of Chicago, Yale University, the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, and the University of Maryland, College Park, and at the American Enterprise Institute conservative think tank. He is former president of the Crime Prevention Research Center, a nonprofit he founded in 2013. Lott holds a Ph.D. in economics from UCLA.

He has written for both academic and popular publications. He has authored books such as More Guns, Less Crime, The Bias Against Guns, and Freedomnomics. He is best known as an advocate[1][2][3] in the gun rights debate, particularly his arguments against restrictions on owning and carrying guns. Newsweek referred to Lott as “The Gun Crowd’s Guru.”[4]

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