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On Friday, Pennsylvania Senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz shared his “pro-Second Amendment” ad on Twitter. He claims he “will never back down from the fight to protect our Second Amendment rights.”

But let’s be clear about something: Dr. Oz is not a friend of gun owners and those that love their Second Amendment rights.

This is the same guy that co-wrote an OpEd in 2019 calling for an assault weapons ban, universal background checks, waiting periods, firearm purchasing licenses. In that same opinion piece, he praised New Zealand’s extreme anti-gun laws.

“The New Zealand parliament managed to pass legislation banning most semi-automatic and military-style weapons complete with a buy-back program, in just nine days after a mass shooting that killed 51 at two mosques in Christchurch,” the Senate candidate wrote previously. “Their hope is to get as many of these assault weapons off their streets ASAP. Can we?”

If Dr. Oz was a true supporter of the Second Amendment, he wouldn’t favor New Zealand’s legislation that banned most semi-automatic firearms – or as he likes to call them, “military-style weapons.” You know, the same firearm he’s seen feeding a magazine into in his ad.

And if the Republican consultants that are trying to brand Dr. Oz as a “Second Amendment-supporting conservative” knew any better, they would have him wearing ear and eye protection in the ad. None of us that actually shoot guns and advocate for our 2A rights are willing to do so in an unsafe manner.

We see through you, Dr. Oz. And we know you’re a foe, not a friend.