The firearms industry and 2A activists must lock arms now as never before. Democrats and weak Republicans along with legacy mainstream media outlets, all of them, from print to television, Big Tech, and the internet are nothing short of unhinged and hysterical.

Calls for more gun control that failed every mass shooting event in this nation since Columbine are now permeating every fake news outlet in this nation and beyond. America’s communists formerly known as Democrats are now calling for the outright destruction of an entire industry and the banning of every gun in America. All of their frantic cries come with no regard to the U.S. Constitution and the over 100 million Americans who enjoy their rights and freedoms responsibly every minute of every day.

The danger this poses to our republic is real and it is our opinion that the industry must now aggressively go on offense.

This is no time for “compromise,” in fact there is nothing for us to compromise. The guns in my safe and millions of others were not in Uvalde, TX. Evil was in Uvalde, TX. To show weakness now by giving one, single, inch to the Democrat freedom haters and gun grabbers would be the first step in the direction they want us to move. For more information on that playbook, see Canada.

I can assure Armed American Radio listeners across the nation and Armed American News readers that my company will rise to the occasion and provide you with the real news and support this industry and millions of law-abiding Americans are craving. It starts and ends with something the Democrat machine and left-wing haters will never understand:

The truth.

We are redoubling our efforts and will vigorously defend Daniel Defense and the entire manufacturing community against baseless attacks from ignorant, hate-filled, zealots and left-wing, progressive media pundits as they attempt as never before to destroy us.

They’re picking this fight and they got it. They will fail and we will do our part to see to it.

While this battle will be difficult against the forces of Marxism and Socialism rampant throughout the former Democrat party, Big Tech, and their elite hypocrites in Washington, DC, freedom will always prevail.