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Last night on Armed American Radio, as I do every weekend now for 13 years straight, I talked about the carnage in Chicago. The endless bloodbath plaguing that city, night after night, week after week, month after month, year after year. This weekend? 67 wounded,13 killed. Again. The sad part, if it can get any sadder, this week’s numbers included officer Ella French, a 29 year-old mom who has only been a cop for three years. She and her partner were conducting a traffic stop when one of the three occupants began firing. French was killed and her partner was left fighting for his life. All three suspects have been arrested.

I don’t live in Chicago and wouldn’t for a variety of reasons, but I have visited the city over the years for a multitude of reasons, mostly business. Years ago during my days as a freight broker, I did a ton of business with a huge brokerage company based in Chicago, American Backhaulers. Their offices were at 1400 North Dayton, a literal stone’s throw away from the most notorious housing project in Chicago, if not the United States, Cabrini-Green. Now torn down, the area was a crime-ridden, gang-infested ghetto. You weren’t planning your vacation there any time soon, I can promise you.

I became close to several great people who lived and worked downtown, some held my political viewpoints, others did not but there was always one common denominator about Chicago residents, the ones I knew anyway. They were accepting of the “status quo.”

Some of those folks would visit me in my office in Florida and later Georgia, and in one case I was able to take one man shooting. I haven’t spoken to him in years, but he was absolutely shocked at how easy it was for us to go shooting — grab a bag of my guns, drive a mile from my house, hand the gun shop clerk an Illinois driver license with $8 and within minutes be firing handguns and AR15’s. It was like he was visiting a different planet. I loved it!

I will never forget our discussion over lunch after a couple of hours of freedom on that range. I chuckled at how amazed he was at what I and millions of other American’s who aren’t oppressed do every day, enjoy our right to bear arms. This was a foreign concept to that lifelong resident of one of the most violent cities in the world, who for his entire life had been beaten over the head with Democrat-driven anti-gun lies.

That’s when I asked the million dollar question, “Why do ‘you’ continue to vote for these corrupt people?” Daly was mayor at the time, and his response blew me away. “You’re right. We know they’re all corrupt but for the most part Chicago residents just don’t care. We know they’re corrupt but we vote for them anyway because the city just works. Our garbage is picked up on time, downtown, for the most part is safe and clean, we get up and go to work and it’s just too easy.” I was shocked, but I wasn’t shocked. My response? “You get what you deserve and the rest of us outside Chicago can’t believe you keep putting up with the oppression and lies. You guys look foolish to the rest of free America, but hey, anytime you wanna go to the range, come on down.”

He was indifferent to my response and just didn’t care. For that very reason, Chicago is where it is today, a crime-ridden, murder-infested city with no end in sight. Not because of his indifference to me but because of a collective indifference of millions of residents who have been duped by a machine that has lied to them over 100 years of Democrat control.

So now it’s time. It’s time to ask Chicago residents one question: Have you had enough? When are you going to take charge and stand up against Democrat after Democrat lying to you with impunity every single day? Mayor Lightfoot blamed guns for the violence, again, just yesterday? A radical leftist fighting to defund cops who didn’t want to make Trump look good, now quoted yesterday as she talks out both sides of her mouth, saying something to the effect that ‘cops aren’t bad people and the bad guys just need to “stop it.’

Yeah. OK.

Here’s the challenge to Chicago residents fed up with lies and a century of corruption: Stand up and act! Don’t just say ‘do something,’ but actually do something. Unlike liberal big-mouths who talk a huge game and do nothing, how about you stand up by the thousands, take your streets back, overwhelm the Mayor’s office with boots on the ground, and demand action. How about you march back in their faces, get loud and bold, and actually rid yourselves of the cancer infecting your city for far too long.



That could mean statewide support, volunteering your time, threatening these losers who have you in a literal death-grip by threatening their careers. Start the process of removing them from office to a point where the media must pay attention to your actions and begin changing its anti-gun narrative. This will be a massive effort, but the time has come. The machine must be defeated. Free Americans from all over the nation will assist you. Don’t think it can be done? One word for you. Cuomo. Less than a year ago, this clown was acting as if he were governor of the nation. Now, he’s about to be run out of town on a rail. It happened to Daly in Chicago.

Remember the Korean war veteran who defended his life from a home-invader with a gun that violated the Crown’s no-gun mandate in Chicago? The public support was so overwhelming that Mayor Daly didn’t dare seek to enforce his unconstitutional, anti-gun laws against that man. I’ve stated publicly that it’s my belief that the support for this man and his use of a gun was one of the reasons Tyrant Daly retired. His city had seen enough, and he knew it was time to go. That’s what tyrants do. They cut and run when busted. He was busted. Now it’s time to do it to the entire machine in Chicago, on a grand scale. We’ll help you. Hell we’ve been trying to help you, you just haven’t cared enough.

As of yesterday, 2,730 people have been shot, 468 killed –tens of thousands shot over too many years to count. Another mayor with the audacity to stand in front of cameras and lie and lie and lie, and a media willing to give her and the machine a pass by blaming guns and pushing a political narrative — climbing over the dead bodies to do so.

Maybe this is your wake-up call, Chicagoans. If not, don’t come crying to me. I’ve been pointing it out publicly to anyone who will listen for years. I’m never going to stop, the rest of America is watching and now, as it’s always been, it’s up to you. Sadly, I’m not holding my breath.