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Gannett’s flagship newspaper USA Today has fired reporter Gabriela Miranda. Readers accused her of making up sources, according to the New York Post and other media.

USA Today issued a brief statement, which states the newspaper began an internal investigation after a correction request.

The investigation found there were fake sources in several of Miranda’s stories.

As a result, the newspaper removed 23 of the reporter’s stories from its website.

Miranda resigned.

USA Today has a long history of anti-gun reporting

Armed American News found that former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun activists are now writing news stories for USA Today.

In addition, USA Today used a Bloomberg anti-gun activist to interview Gifford’s anti-gun activist, David Chipman.

The newspaper doesn’t understand guns either.

Last month, they confused Open Carry with Constitutional carry.

Their alleged fact-checkers, too, have always supported Joe Biden and his anti-gun efforts, and given him cover whenever it’s needed.

Last September, as the caskets of 11 service member were being carried past him at Dover Air Force Base, Biden constantly checked his watch.

USA Today fact-checker Daniel Funke said the stories reporting Biden’s disrespect were false. However, several cameras captured his actions from different angles.

After conservatives howled, USA Today was forced to fact-check it’s fact-checker.

The Gannett newspaper actually issued a correction to Funke’s fact check, which is unheard of.

Funke has a history of focusing on conservatives and conservative issues.

His stories have targeted gun owners, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, Donald Trump, QAnon, election fraud, anti-vaxxers, and the NRA. But he has provided cover for Biden, Kamala Harris, mask mandates and mandatory vaccinations.

Perhaps the best-known error the newspaper has ever committed was a graphic. It accompanied a story that was extremely critical of the AR-15.

Who will ever be able to forget their infamous chainsaw bayonnet?