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One thing you learn in the military is that if you don’t respect the man, respect their rank and/or their position. Mark Milley

That said, I respect Gen. Mark Milley’s position as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. I respect the four stars on his shoulders, the long tab on his left arm and the star on his CIB, but as a man, I think he’s an insubordinate and treasonous piece of shit wrapped in an XXL WWII costume.

I have never in my life seen such a disrespectful performance by such a senior military officer as I witnessed Tuesday when Milley testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee about Joe Biden’s horrific and bloody Afghan rout.

While Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and CENTCOM commander Gen. Kenneth McKenzie were seated at the same table – six feet apart, of course – it was Milley who drew the Senators’ ire. After all, it was Milley who nearly collapsed our Republic when he conspired with Speaker Nancy Pelosi to circumvent the chain-of-command and take control of our nuclear arsenal, and later promised to tip off the Chinese communists should we attack – all behind President Donald Trump’s back.

Gen. Mark Milley sparred with the Senators – his bosses, all. He was rude, antagonistic and dismissive of their questions. I half-expected one of the Senators to walk down from their dais and slap the pompous smile off of Milley’s pudgy face – at one point it looked like Senator Marsha Blackburn actually might.

While Austin and McKenzie offered mostly honest answers to the Senators’ questions, Milley often responded often with just a word or two. To be clear, he was a hostile witness.

I’m guessing that Milley’s attitude problem began as an ROTC cadet at Princeton University – home to more than a few Ivy League, elitist schmucks.

The country is owed answers about Biden’s pullout. We deserve to know why 11 Marines, one soldier and a Navy Corpsman were killed, and why we turned 10 civilians including seven children into red mist just so Joe Biden could act tough.

Milley wouldn’t provide answers, at least not complete ones. He’s likely waiting for the next interview request with Bob Woodward or another famous author before he comes clean about what really happened.

Certainly, if a junior officer, NCO or EM treated Milley with 1/100th of the disrespect he showed to the Senate Committee Tuesday, Milley would recall the Seventh Fleet and have them keelhauled.

Missouri Senator Josh Hawley told Milley and Austin they needed to resign.

I’d take that a step farther. This four-star ass-clown needs to be charged with treason and prosecuted under the UCMJ.

That oughta wipe the smug smile off of his pudgy face.

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