Ever since Joe Biden came into office, his administration launched an all-out assault on the Second Amendment. Recently, the ATF changed its definition of a “firearm” as a way of targeting so-called “ghost guns”. Democrats tried to push for an Assault Weapons Ban and universal background checks. Thankfully, they’ve been unsuccessful. Now, gun control groups and Democrats have another issue on their mind: the financial sector.

Gun Control Groups’ Focus on Credit Card Processing

Various gun control groups are working together to try and pressure credit card companies into flagging all firearms and ammunition purchases. According to Guns Down America, credit card companies need to create “a new and unique Merchant Category Code within the financial system” to flag any purchases made at gun and sporting goods stores. This would allow law enforcement agencies “to track suspicious firearm and ammunition purchases.”

Giffords highlighted the initiative on Twitter, saying credit card processing companies, like Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, have the ability to “flag alarming firearm purchases and prevent mass shootings,” Breitbart News reported.

Gun control advocates made a similar push in 2018, but Visa stood its ground.

“We do not believe Visa should be in the position of setting restrictions on the sale of lawful goods and services,” the credit card company said in 2018, Breitbart News reported at the time.

Democrats’ Focus on Financing

While gun control groups target credit card processors, 18 congressional Democrats have their eye on Credova, a small Montana-based financial firm that allows gun owners to pay for their purchases over time.

“We are concerned that the ease with which buyers can acquire guns through [Buy Now Pay Later] will result in more guns and increased gun violence in our nation’s communities,” the legislators wrote in a letter to Credova.

Democrats cite their concerns with prohibited possessors utilizing Credova’s Buy Now Pay Later services. These are some of the questions the congressmen and women included in their letter:

  1. What safeguards does Credova have in place to ensure that customers who are prohibited from possessing firearms or who have a potential for criminal activity are not using Credova’s services to purchase firearms? If Credova does not currently have any policies in place for this, please explain why or indicate Credova’s plans for doing so.
  2. What information does Credova have on whether customers who have purchased guns using Credova’s financing commit unlawful acts of violence?
  3. How is Credova ensuring that purchases of firearms meet state mandated firearm purchase requirements? How is Credova verifying that information with customers’ confirmed place of residence?
  4. How is Credova working to ensure that financing for firearms is not used for the purpose of trafficking firearms between states?
  5. How is Credova working to ensure that financing for firearms is not used for the purpose of reselling firearms?
  6. Is Credova aware of whether Credova’s financing was used to acquire firearms used during recent high profile mass shootings in the commission of violent crimes, including mass shootings such as the Uvalde, TX shooting and Highland Park, IL shooting?

Credova did not immediately respond to Armed American News’ request for comment.

The Takeaway

This isn’t a coincidence. While gun control groups focus on credit card processors, Democrats are focused on Credova. This is basically their way of fighting getting two bites out of the apple. It’s their way of tackling both financial issues without it looking like a coordinated attack.

Don’t believe what they say. This isn’t about “gun safety” or “gun violence.” It’s about doing everything in their power to disarm us. If they can’t do it on the legislative front, they’re going to do it through the power of peer pressure. They’re going to make it as difficult as possible for us to purchase firearms.

The dumbest aspect of this entire saga: if someone goes to purchase fishing supplies, campaign gear, or even clothes at Cabela’s, their purchase would come up under proposed merchant tags. The reason? Cabela’s sells firearms and ammo, therefore your purchase must be a gun, ammo, or some combo of the two. And that is a stupid assumption.