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As a free American, I’ve never understood the citizens who argue against their own freedoms. Gun grabbers are a perfect example. They don’t like guns, dammit, so no one should have them. They’ve spent hundreds of millions, if not billions of dollars over the years forming groups, doing everything they can to make sure that the government limits the right to bear arms, their own right to bear arms. Their argument rests, supposedly, on curbing “gun violence” which largely stems from crimes committed in cities run by the very Democrat party that houses their anti-gun rights agenda. However, they don’t form anti-gang violence groups, or anti-drug dealing groups but rather, focus on the gun and eliminating the right of every American to own them. Because they said so.

Enter the Maskhole. (I’m going to take back the language here)

According to the extremely liberal Urban Dictionary, a Maskhole is: Assholes who don’t wear masks publicly during the Coronavirus/COVID 19 Pandemic. Especially common in NYC and usually of a certain perceived privaledge (sic) and political party(GOP). That fucking MASKHOLE rolled up behind us like a Stealth Bomber as we were getting off the ferry on 34th street. Running and coughing, spreading that Rona all over the back of our necks. Not a mask or bandana in sight!


Time to take the language back.

A Maskhole here on this page is the masked (or double masked) asshole that shows up demanding that everyone wear a mask in their presence or the presence of their children, no matter where they happen to be, who they are, etc. I’m sure you’ve met one. These are the folks who have no problem with unmasked rioters (they agree with the rioters). These are the folks who have no problem with unmasked Democrats at fundraisers attended by maskless hypocrites raising money for more government mandates, such as Nancy Pelosi (they agree with Nancy Pelosi). These are the same people who have no problem with huge maskless crowds of liberals flocking to see liberal musicians in New York City (they agree with all of the liberal musicians) and these are the same people who have no problem with hundreds of sophisticated rich friends of Obama, dancing around maskless because, well, Obama is cool and these people are vaccinated and special (and they agree with and love Obama). You get the idea.

These are also the same people who berate Trump supporters for being maskless at large outdoor rallies (they hate Trump). These are the same folks who berate the bikers at Sturgis for being maskless and not considering their feelings while attending all of the events at the huge biker rally (they hate the conservative, beautiful governor of SD, Kristi Noem). I could go on, but again, you get the idea.

Just this past week, Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis lost the first round of an ongoing battle over his executive order banning mask mandates in schools. In other words, DeSantis made it clear that parents, not government officials (school boards or teachers unions) could decide whether to mask their kids. ( I still can’t believe I’m even writing about wearing masks, let alone government officials deciding people must wear masks, but I digress)


What does all of this have to do with guns? It has everything to do with guns!

Here’s the back story. Florida passed HB 241, The Parents Bill of Rights act and it went into effect on July 1st, 2021. Desantis subsequently signed executive order 21-175 forbidding mask mandates in conjunction with the law that leaves medical decisions to the parents. Predictably, here come the Maskholes, as I define them. It wasn’t long before a loudmouth, vocal minority of said bunch sued the governor to strike down the order and allow the government to force not only their kids, but everyone’s kids to endure all day masks as a mandate. In other words, rather than parents having the right to choose how they send their kids to school, the Maskholes are demanding elimination of the Parents Bill of Rights in favor of complete government control over not only your children, but theirs as well. They don’t like the Parents Bill of Rights. See a pattern?

Just like the gun grabbers, they’re not content with a Bill of Rights that enables freedom to choose. If you don’t want to wear a mask, don’t. If you do, have at it. Don’t want to own a gun, that’s your prerogative. Want to own a gun? Carry on. That’s the essence of freedom. Being free to live your life the way you choose to live your life. Unfortunately, just like we endure endless harassment from loudmouth, gun-hating zealots, we’re now having to put up with the vocal Maskholes demanding what’s best for our kids and in Florida, a Bill of Rights be damned. Let the government officials tell us how we live.

This isn’t about masks, and you know it. It’s about control. Just like the gun-grabbers, it isn’t about crime or “gun safety,” it’s about control. This is just a guess on my part but I bet you everything I have that the militant Maskholers and gun-grabbers are one in the same.