The HEX Wasp red dot sight is simply an incredible tool in the world of target acquisition.

It’s like a magical creature that somehow continues to impress shooters of all skill levels.

I had the opportunity to hit the range with a few buddies and it was the topic of discussion from the minute it came out of the range bag. Bad news for me. Of the 300 rounds I brought to the range, I believe I got to run about three magazines.

Let’s jump right in. First, the setup, then more on the red dot sight.

Springfield Armory Hellcat 3 Micro-Compact OSP 9MM w/ HEX Wasp


Courtesy – Springfield Armory

The Hellcat 3 is a Micro-Compact but it is beefy enough to accommodate large hands. The standard mag configuration is 11+1 and the extended mag pushed the capacity to 13+1.

The ergonomics on this pistol are truly unique. The recoil management is easily controllable with basic skills.

Weighing in at just over 19oz with the Hex Wasp and the extended mag, this pistol is great for concealed carry.

To be fair, I did have a little trigger work done but the standard shooter would never consider it.

Straight out of the box, this setup is a winner and the price is a winner too.

That being said, the Springfield Armory Hellcat 3 is the perfect companion for a low profile red dot sight.


The HEX Wasp Red Dot Sight

HEX Wasp - Armed American News

Courtesy – Springfield Armory

By far, the Wasp is my favorite new piece of gear. The red dot sighting system is the culmination of years design improvements.

I’ve been a fan of fast acquisition technology since it first came to market, as a result, I have used dozens of brands and styles.

HEX has it nailed. (Yes, I am a huge fan. No, this article was not paid for in any way. Yes, I bought everything at full price).

The red dot is always on and adjusts brightness automatically based on the lighting conditions. In a dark room the sight lowers the red dot intensity. Outdoors on a sunny day, the red dot gets brighter without any input from the user.

Another issue for some red dot sights is glare or sunlight overpowering the sight dot. This is not a problem for the Wasp. The front aluminum hood and housing shade the glass, which also has an anti-glare coating.

The battery can last about 65,000 hours on the lowest setting which the manufacturer suggests will last about 2 years.

The rear of the HEX Wasp is cut out for backup iron sights if needed.


Product Video of HEX Wasp Red Dot Optic

Product Video of Hellcat Pro from Springfield Armory

Springfield Micro Footprint for HEX Wasp Red Dot Optics

Courtesy – HEX Optics


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