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Like you, I have stupid people in my extended family. My immediate family consists of my wife, myself, and my two kids. All of them are great conservatives who trust in God, family, guns, and being left alone. On the other hand, my mother is one of 16 kids. I have cousins by the dozens, nieces, nephews, etc. You get the idea because you’re no different than me.

It’s a safe bet that like my family, some of yours are a bunch of dopes, too. I don’t have to look very far. Last night during a family discussion, I was informed by my mother that one of our dopey, goofball, liberal family tree residents had decided to attack our border patrol agents for “whipping those poor people in Texas” while “attacking” them on horseback. When confronted with the facts, that the agents were not whipping anyone but merely controlling their horses with reins, they were nevertheless insistent that the agents were in fact “whipping the illegal aliens.” Of course, this is patently false with video proof and actual statements refuting the claims by the photojournalist on site.

None of it mattered to the dopey liberal family tree residents. Why would it? Even when confronted with irrefutable proof on video and in statements, the liberal mind will never give up the talking points from their masters. Upon further thought, this example, within my own family, opened my eyes to a few things we rarely discuss. How, for example, is it possible for highly educated people to outright ignore the truth and continue to argue against undeniable evidence that proves them wrong rather than just admitting defeat? I ask the questions for the simple reason that this is exactly the same mental disorder we as gun rights activists are confronted with on a daily basis when confronted by emotional ant-gunners. The inability of the other side to even consider the facts. Denialism? Ignorance? Maybe, but there is more.

As anyone else who has tried to argue facts with a liberal gun-grabber, or just a liberal in general about any topic, I myself have become exhausted at their literal inability to grasp facts over their emotional response to an issue. Even when confronted with undeniable proof they are wrong, such as video evidence that refutes their stance, they continue to insist their position is tenable. This denial of facts is similar in nature to a mental disorder called Anosognosia, which in Greek means “lack of awareness or insight.”

Here’s the bottom line. You will never, and I mean never, be able to argue facts with a liberal gun-grabber as they are completely incapable of accepting any position that upends their  emotional orientation. Call it ignorance, denial or whatever else you choose to call it, the liberal mind is simply not wired to accept fact over emotion, no matter the subject of the debate.

Whether you choose to let it affect your familial relationships or not is up to you, however all, and I do mean all, of my relatives who suffer from liberalism know to be very quiet while in my presence or they WILL get tossed out of my home. Unfortunately, it’s happened before and, no doubt, will again.

Anti-gunners and liberals in general just can’t help themselves. Ignorance is hard-wired into their brains.