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Failed 2018 Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams announced a couple of days ago, another run for governor against Brian Kemp, who defeated her soundly in their previous match-up. Of course to hear Abrams and the mainstream media tell it, she was robbed and should be the governor of Georgia today. False. Abrams lost by nearly 60,000 votes and like every Democrat does when they lose, claimed she was cheated out of her victory. To this day, she has never conceded.

The entire nation will be watching this election and as much as I hate to say this, due to Kemp’s failed leadership, Abrams has a chance. Since her defeat in the previous election, Abrams has been busy building a “coalition” of lefties to turn the governor’s mansion blue. She was successful in both 2020 U.S. Senate campaigns and in large measure due to her efforts, as shady as they are, (she’s a Socialist, after all), I’m ashamed to say that my state of residence handed the U.S. Senate two of the most liberal goofballs in America’s history, Rafael Warnock and John Ossoff.

As a conservative gun rights activist, a resident of Georgia and host of a national radio broadcast heard on several stations in cities throughout the state, I have a vested interest in stopping this madness. It’s in my best interest personally and as a rights activist, and it’s in the best interest of the country as a whole. The ideology that Ms. Abrams represents is a dangerous and metastasizing political cancer that includes wiping out the history of our great nation, including our gun rights. She must be stopped.

Let’s move to Kemp. If you recall, he ran a decidedly pro-gun rights campaign against Abrams and the Socialists. His pro 2A campaign ads were seen nationwide and heavy criticism was mounted against him for his stance in the liberal media. You may recall the ad with his future son-in-law while he was holding a shotgun reminding the young man of the second amendment. The left went crazy claiming he was threatening him with the shotgun pointing at him during their conversation. Again, this was false but the narrative took root in the mainstream legacy media and to many, painted Kemp as a gun-toting redneck.

As a Georgia gun owner, like the rest of the state’s gun rights supporters, I was thrilled when he won. Our expectations were high with a Republican controlled majority on both sides of the State House and now the governor’s mansion. Kemp was expected to sign virtually any pro-gun bill that hit his desk. None have. Since his election, not one bill has moved. Not one. That blame can be placed at many feet, including the gun rights organization in Georgia who in my estimation played softball rather than advancing a solid game plan to include constitutional carry among other bills, including sanctuary state, etc. There is no excuse for Georgia not being one of the nation’s constitutional carry states and no excuse for not having a sanctuary state designation proclaiming federal gun control initiatives dead on arrival in Georgia. None.

Kemp is very well aware of this and has been warned, along with the state’s Republican legislative leaders, that we had better see movement on the gun rights front in the final legislative session before this looming rematch with Abrams. This could be the last chance to advance a pro-rights agenda for years to come if the wrong thing happens in November 2022.

I am aware of behind the scenes discussions on this very topic with the Governor and GA House and Senate leadership and am optimistic that we have commitments to do just that in this upcoming session. Brian Kemp has been warned and knows that his reelection will depend on the support of gun owners. That notwithstanding, the heavy criticism he faced from Trump during the 2020 election has left him facing primary opponents and drastically weakened him as he approaches 2022 and a new bid from Abrams. Many believe that in the best interest of the state Republican party, Kemp should bow out and let someone else, such as David Purdue or Vernon Jones face Abrams in the looming contest. The dynamics in play here cannot be overemphasized.

As of yesterday, the Republican party in GA has effectively completed its once a decade redistricting and without a doubt, it’s designed to keep the State House red, at least for the next decade. A Kemp (or Republican victory against Abrams) will mean another opportunity for advancing gun rights. A defeat will simply mean unending legislative gridlock with the State House red and the mansion blue with Abrams. There is comfort should Kemp or any other Republican be unable to hold the governor’s mansion as Abrams would be unable to move any anti-gun legislation with a solid red state house while at the same time, wasting another 4-8 years of seeing no progress on the gun rights front. This due to 4 previous years of weak gun rights organization and lack of legislative activity from failed Republican state house leadership.

The Democrats will pull everything they have from across the nation, money will be flowing into Georgia as never before and it’s a pretty easy prediction that this will be the most expensive gubernatorial campaign in the nation’s history with much at stake, not the least of which are gun rights.