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by Mark Walters

A few years ago on AAR, I was having a discussion with long-time contributor and noted firearms expert, George “The Mad Ogre” Hill when the discussion turned to food. Not just any food, but BBQ. Grilled meats over direct coals and more important, smoked meats over indirect heat, low and slow, good, ole-fashioned American BBQ. Pork butts, ribs, brisket, side dishes, etc.

I’ve been a BBQ aficionado for decades. I grew up on a charcoal Weber as a kid and never looked back. Not once. I’ve never owned a gas grill, and honestly wouldn’t know how to turn it on. (I’m sure I could figure it out but why bother when there’s wood and charcoal)?

The discussion with George during that Sunday broadcast long ago would eventually turn into a fairly regular segment where I would provide one of my favorite BBQ recipes and George would follow it up with the perfect firearm to strap to your hip while you smoked up your neighborhood. We called it ‘grilling while armed’ and it was an immediate hit. It only seemed natural on a radio show that slays liberal gun-grabbers. Give out a real smoker recipe and pair it with a great gun.

Years went by before our dream was realized and the radio segment became the long-awaited cookbook. Grilling While Armed-The Top 20 Recipes-How to get off the gas and become your neighborhood BBQ pit-boss in one day was born to high acclaim. I will admit, it’s my best work, and I’m sure George will agree it’s one of his, as well. Everything about it from the incredible recipes to the graphic design screams quality.

The foreword was written by noted BBQ cooker expert, Ben C. Lang III, founder of Lang BBQ Smokers. If you’ve ever watched a BBQ cooking show on TV, you’ve seen one of Ben’s cookers. They’re the best of the best. We also took recipe contributions from my personal BBQ mentor, Bill Cannon, founder of Texas BBQ Rub. I’ve cooked with Bill and his team at the Houston Rodeo cookoffs and I’ve learned a ton from him over the years. He’s the real deal and an award winning BBQ expert.

Here’s what some readers and backyard experts just like us, have to say about the book:

“Mark Walters and George Hill have done a great job creating this cookbook. I was a gas grill owner for many years, but Hank Hill could not do BBQ like this using propane. I now have a wood pellet smoker grill and love that I can pair my favorite recipe with a great handgun,”

Todd S.

“Where do I start? The very best crafted cookbook I’ve ever laid eyes upon. And that theme!! I couldn’t put it down after my first read. Mark and George hit a home run with this. The photography is superb, the recipes are just outstanding, something for everyone. The pairings of the guns/knives with the dishes are just outstanding. I’ve tried a couple of the recipes and they are mouth watering,”

John J.

“This book is awesome. From choosing a type of cooker, to different fuels, how to season it and most importantly some AWESOME recipes. I got seriously hungry just reading through this book and look forward to many delicious meals,”


Like these readers and hundreds of other backyard chef’s I’m sure you’ll find Grilling While Armed to be a most unique addition to your stable of cookbooks. It’s fun to read, provides information for the beginner and gets you up and running in one day! We’ll show you how to get off the gas and get on the charcoal with the cooker of your choice, today!

Grilling While Armed can be found at Amazon.com RIGHT HERE!