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There’s a fallacy some veterans fall victim to, which I call the “last hard class” syndrome. It’s a mistaken belief that things were much tougher back in the day than they are now. The runs were longer, the hills were steeper, the instructors were meaner and the food was even shittier.

I’ve never subscribed to this type of thinking. In my humble opinion, today’s warfighters are much better trained, equipped and far more experienced than those of years gone by. However, the Biden-Harris administration seems hellbent on changing all of that.

Joe and Kamala would rather have a woke military than a lethal one. The cretins they put in charge care more about political correctness than anything else – even readiness. The evidence is there for all to see.

The Air Force was just outed for lowering standards and offering preferential treatment to a female candidate so she could make it through the Special Tactics pipeline. Lt. Gen. Jim Slife, head of the Air Force Special Operations Command, recently admitted as much.

“How we bring trainees through the pipeline today is different than the way we brought them through the pipeline 15 years ago, because our understanding of the best way to get trainees to meet these standards by the time they join the operational force has evolved,” Slife said. “It will continue to do so.”

Green Berets have been crying foul about lower standards at SWCC since the Obama Administration, and now the Navy has added two additional weeks to its boot camp, but not for basic seamanship or anything useful. The Navy wants the extra time to warn future sailors about the dangers of extremism and bullying, while extolling the benefits of diversity, inclusion and all the different genders.

To be clear, Russia, China, North Korea and Iran – which all pose real, not make-believe threats – would prefer our forces were wasting time in a classroom studying critical race theory, rather than at the range improving their marksmanship or in a shoot house perfecting their CQB.

The sad part is that none of this is even necessary. Our armed forces have been diverse since 1948, when President Harry S. Truman signed Executive Order 9981, which desegregated the military and paved the way for the civil rights movement. But since neither Joe nor Kamala ever served a day in uniform, they don’t understand what a diverse, inclusive melting pot the military has been for decades. It certainly was for this Midwestern boy. I’d never met many Latinos, African-Americans, Asians or Native Americans until I enlisted. The Army’s method of bonding trainees of all colors is simple – shared misery. I quickly learned that everyone, regardless of their ethnicity, hated pushing Ft. Benning closer to the center of the earth one pushup at a time, fire ants and 95% humidity. Shared hardships breed inclusivity far better than any inclusivity training ever will.

My current job affords me the honor of meeting and talking to a lot of veterans, from Medal of Honor recipients, to really special operators and, unfortunately, to a few brave kids who left chunks of their bodies in Iraq and Afghanistan. I have never heard one of them complain they were mistreated or bullied because of their ethnicity, gender or religion – not once.

A recent Pentagon report indicated that there were less than 100 actual extremists in the U.S. Military, out of a total force of more than 1.3 million active-duty troops and 865,000 in reserve. That’s around 0.00000046% if my math is right. But that didn’t stop our woke Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin from ordering a service-wide stand-down to discuss extremism in the ranks, creating the Counter Extremism group, monitoring the troops’ social media accounts and requiring anti-extremism training for those ETS-ing or retiring, which included checklists on how extremist groups recruit.

To be clear, no service member should ever be made to feel uncomfortable because of their race, ethnicity, sex or for any other personal reason. If someone does, NJP their ass, boot them out or PCS them to Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas.

The politicians need to leave our armed forces alone, especially now, because Xi, Putin, the ayatollahs and the Fat Boy King of Pyongyang are all rattling their sabers and readying their forces, while Joe and Kamala are readying pink pussy hats in response.