On Friday, Congresswoman Karen Bass (D-CA) admitted someone broke into her Los Angeles-area home and stole two firearms.

“Last night, I came home and discovered that my house had been broken into and burglarized. LAPD was called, and I appreciate their assistance,” Bass said in a statement. “At this time, it appears that only two firearms, despite being safely and securely stored, were stolen. Cash, electronics, and other valuables were not.”

Bass admitted what happened was “unnerving” but said this is “something that far too many Angelenos have faced.”

Bass, who is a sitting six-term congresswoman, is currently running to be mayor of Los Angeles

What Bass Said About Firearms in the Past

Back in 2019, Bass indicated “gun violence” is “a public health issue.”

“…even if it’s not definitive if it’s possible to save some lives – and you know the thing that happened in Dayton, Ohio, to me, blows up one of the myths my colleagues make a lot of times which is: ‘we need to make sure that the good guys have guns so that the good guys can go after the bad guys,’ – well, in Dayton, Ohio, the good guys did have guns. It didn’t matter because those people were slaughtered within a few seconds,” she said during a congressional hearing about a potential ban on “high-capacity” magazines. “The good guys got there, [and] they took out the bad guy, but how many people were killed and how many people were injured?”

During a LA mayoral debate in May, moderator Elex Michaelson asked Bass if she felt safe walking around Los Angeles.

“I do feel safe,” Bass replied. “I would say a 10. I do feel safe, but I do understand a lot of people around the city do not feel safe, and I respect that.”

Earlier this summer, Bass voted in favor of an Assault Weapons Ban.

“We cannot sit back as America’s representatives and watch innocent people continue to be gunned down in schools, religious institutions, workplaces, residences, government buildings, and public places,” she said in a statement at the time. “Some of my colleagues have called for the hardening of our schools. You can’t harden every conceivable target out there. But you can do something about weaponry designed specifically to kill numbers of people. It’s far overdue for Congress to pass commonsense gun reform and remove these weapons from our streets.”

What Karen Bass really means is she wants to keep average Americans from owning firearms. She’s okay with you and I being defenseless as long as she has the ability to protect herself. Guess she doesn’t feel as safe in Los Angeles as she claims.