After the Supreme Court reaffirmed an individual’s right to keep and bear arms on Thursday, New York  Gov. Kathy Hochul slammed the High Court’s decision. According to Hochul, the decision will cause a “national reckoning on gun violence.”

Hochul indicated she would be “calling a special session of the legislature” to address the SCOTUS ruling.

Hochul’s Explanation

In a press conference following the Supreme Court’s ruling, Hochul indicated “more guns” would flood the streets, making it more difficult to protect families.

What the Supreme Court Decision Actually Means

The Supreme Court’s decision struck down the “may issue” statute New York had in place. In “may issue” states, law-abiding Americans have to prove they have an adequate reason for needing a concealed carry weapon. A county sheriff can decide whether or not the applicant’s reason is reason enough to approve the application.

As I told Gov. Hochul, the people that suffer the most in “may issue” starts are domestic violence and sexual assault survivors.

Even though Hochul believes “more guns” would “flood the streets” because of this decision, that’s not the case. This just means those who own guns now have the ability to carry them for self-defense. They don’t have an unnecessary burden to prove they actually “need” to have a concealed carry permit. The Second Amendment is sufficient enough of a reason.