I’m going to make this short. America has a problem — a big problem.
Okay, America has lots of big problems but none as big as what we’re witnessing today. I’m specifically referring to the exposure of would-be killers in our midst. I’m going back to my college days here, so humor me and let’s take a walk together.
I remember being taught the If-Then argumentative theory back in the day, otherwise known as the conditional argument. It goes like this: If A then B — or some may remember it as If P then Q. It’s the basis forming deductive logic, or deductive reasoning. We’ll use the A and B because it seems more logical than random P and Q.
Here’s the basics of how it works. The If statement is known as the antecedent, followed by the Then statement, which is known as the consequent. (Good heavens I’m going back a ways). Maybe you remember learning the same theory when studying critical thinking or debate back in your day.
Let’s apply it to what’s happening in Israel using the response from America’s radical, hate-fueled leftists. By now, we’ve all seen the horrific images and videos emerging from the Hamas attack on innocent Jews in Israel. Thousands were ambushed and murdered in the most repugnant way, including beheadings of children and gruesome murders of festival attendees to thousands of rocket attacks on innocent civilians, and worse. Thousands died, and will die, including American citizens. We’ve also seen the incredibly hateful response in American cities from supporters of Hamas and their evil, vile attack on Israel.
While the lefts response is shocking, it’s not hard to believe for those of us who know what they have in store for anyone who disagrees with them. Many Americans simply do not want to believe that there are those among us who would actually want us dead simply because we think differently than them. But they do. And they’re telegraphing that to us right here, today, in American cities and yes, even inside the halls of Congress.
Back to the “conditional argument” to make the point:
If they cheer and support the terrorists and the tactics used against Israel because they disagree with Israel politically, then it stands to reason they support the same tactics used against anyone else that disagrees with them politically. 
If the tactics and terror being used by those who they support results in the murder of those who disagree with them politically, then they support the murder of all others who disagree with them.
Hard to swallow?
For many, yes.
For those of us who understand the left’s endgame, no.
I said I would make this short, and I will.
The radical left wants you dead.