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I knew Kyle Rittenhouse would be acquitted. So did you. So did half of the country – the rational half. After all, it was a textbook case of self-defense. Rittenhouse was in fear for his life, so he used deadly force to save himself. Pretty simple, really.

For a legal defensive gun usage, Kyle Rittenhouse checked all the right boxes: fear of death or grievous bodily harm, a clear and articulable threat, and the amount of force he used was reasonable – a big word whenever deadly force is used. Finally, Kyle’s attorneys were able to present to the jurors his state of mind during the shootings, which is crucial. He was afraid for his life. The jurors got it, thankfully, and they did the right thing.

All of this is nothing new to folks who got their trial coverage from the conservative media. However, consumers of liberal woke news outlets were flabbergasted by the jury’s decision. These sheeple had been told for months that Kyle was a murderer, a white supremacist, a domestic terrorist, a bloodthirsty angry young white man exercising his white privilege, an out-of-control gun owner who couldn’t wait to shoot his “assault rifle” at people because that’s what the NRA and the “gun industry” had programmed him to do. Kyle had to be guilty, the woke crowd falsely believed, because every single one of their favorite cable TV news actors said he was, and the über-woke crowd is never wrong, right?


Just seconds after Kyle walked out of the Kenosha County courtroom a free man, woke heads started exploding in disbelief, and they started looking for someone to blame, or a business to loot and torch. How could this have happened, they shrieked, while downing quarts of toasted white chocolate mocha Frappuccinos, as their entire belief system came crashing down around them like the beheaded water buffalo in Apocalypse Now. In fact, there hasn’t been a better or more fun to watch assault on the collective woke psyche since Donald J. Trump put his left hand on Abraham Lincoln’s Bible raised his right and swore to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. Kyle Rittenhouse

And now, the day after the Great Kenosha Reckoning, the wokesters are still clueless about what happened – why Kyle is sleeping in his own bedroom rather than a prison cell. The answer, of course, is very simple: The woke media sucks. They’re worse than Pravda, TASS or the Chinese Global Times. They’re in Biden’s pocket just like they were deep in the pocket of Obama’s mom jeans.

Never in my life have I seen worse “news coverage” of a very newsworthy event. Never in my life have I seen more opinion masquerading as news. Never in my life have I seen more biased editorializing, more inaccuracy, more errors, more woke BS in “news” stories. And, most importantly, never have I seen national news outlets with so much egg on their collective faces.

The woke crowd needs to finally understand that Maddow, Cuomo, Lemon and their ilk are not news journalists. They’re news actors – highly paid ones, in fact. They don’t care about truth, accuracy or even the separation of news and opinion. Neither do their employers. They only care about two things: ratings – they’re losing those in droves, too, as CNN’s programming regularly gets beat by reruns of The Golden Girls – and wokeness.

Today’s liberal media would rather be woke than right. Accuracy is an afterthought. It’s subordinate to political correctness. That’s why the Cuomos and Lemons of the world are so quick to wave their cancel cards whenever someone speaks the truth. Being woke is all they’ve got. They cannot understand anyone who doesn’t genuflect to the woke gods they worship for an hour every night.

This, friends, is why they’ll lose. Nature abhors a vacuum: “The denser surrounding material continuum,” Aristotle postulated, “would immediately fill the rarity of an incipient void.” And right now, there’s an incipient void of real news on every liberal cable TV network, and it’s just slightly larger than the incipient void between Lemon’s and Cuomo’s ears.

As they invoke the woke, we’ll counter with real news – cancel culture be damned.

Kyle’s exoneration came as no surprise to our readers. We told you as much, because – above everything else – we’re truthtellers here.

We, friends, will never become a woke joke.

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