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The Associated Press predicted in a confusing word-salad of a column this weekend that Kyle Rittenhouse will become either a “mascot or a martyr” to the gun community once his murder trial concludes, which could be this week.

The AP has never understood American gun owners – they believe we’re all just one big homogenous group that marches in lockstep to orders from the NRA – but they are correct, for once, about how many of us feel about the Rittenhouse case: Criminal charges should have never been filed. They are an abuse of prosecutorial power – a legal abomination meant to further political careers, not justice.

I guarantee the AP correspondent covering the trial, which resumes today with closing arguments, has written two, short breaking-news stories, one of which they will send out via an AP News Alert the instant Judge Bruce Schroeder’s gavel comes down for the final time: One story says Kyle was convicted. The other says he was acquitted of all charges.

I believe we’ll see the latter, and it could come very soon, even today.

While opinions differ about the reasons that put the 17-year-old in harm’s way on the mean streets of Kenosha in August of last year, the one thing everyone I know agrees on is that Kyle’s actions were justified. His shoots were clean. The prosecutions own witnesses proved this under oath. In fact, this case was so bad Kyle’s defense team could have rested after the State concluded its case. They didn’t need to present any evidence, but what they did show the jury proved that Kyle fired in self-defense – period.

In my humble opinion, once he’s exonerated, this entire debacle is far from complete.

Once Kyle becomes a free man, it’s time for some payback and some real accountability.

Kenosha County assistant district attorney Thomas Binger needs to be buried in bar complaints. The Wisconsin State Bar needs to take a long, hard look at his mishandling of this case, from his “shotgun” charging decisions to his misconduct in the courtroom.

To be clear, Binger should never be allowed inside a courtroom again, unless he’s sweeping up or emptying trash cans. Binger’s dream of running as a Democratic candidate for District Attorney, again, should be forever dashed.

And then it’s the media’s turn.

The mainstream media victimized this young man. They libeled him like it was cool, calling him everything from a white supremacist to a domestic terrorist. Their actions have consequences – expensive consequences. It’s time for the talking heads to pay for their sins, and there were a lot of sins.

Despite his mental challenges, Joe Biden should not be let off the hook, either. He libeled this young man in front of the whole world. I hope Kyle sues Biden personally. His conduct is indefensible, unless Biden opts for some type of insanity defense which, given his current mental state, is a real possibility.