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In what can only be described as a hysterical leftist hit piece, Newsweek columnist David H Freedman has taken aim at gun owners, Donald Trump, his supporters, and the entire Republican party as a whole. As most left-wing, phony, news hacks do, Freedman doesn’t disappoint, penning his nonsense from the automatic leftist assumption that everything left-wing is great and everything conservative is evil.

Right from the start, his column, Millions of Armed Americans Ready to Seize Power if Trump Loses in 2024, begins by introducing readers to a 73-year-old Vietnam vet, Mike “Wompus” Nieznany, “heavily armed and ready to do his part in overthrowing the US Government.” I have no idea who this character is. I’ve never heard of him and based on the picture Freedman paints of this guy, I would never put him on my radio program. To Freedman, however, he forms the basis of what must be churning through the minds of every gun owner. That we will never accept the outcome of the upcoming election in 2024 and will use overwhelming violence to take over Washington, DC with a massive show of force.

Freedman, in his column, completely ignores nearly two years of left-wing fueled violence in America that has left dozens of police officers dead, billions of dollars in damages to cities across the nation, near nightly rioting in Portland Oregon for example, lays blame on every Republican gun owner dangerously creating the narrative that right-wing, conservative, gun owners are the problem. Quoting Adam Winkler, UCLA Law Professor and “gun policy and constitutional law” expert, “The idea that people would take up arms against an American election has gone from completely farfetched to something we have to start planning for and preparing for.”

While discussing the ever-growing concern about election integrity, Freedman cites Democrats “worry that voter suppression and election interference from Republican state officials will deny millions of Americans their say at the polling booths.” On the other hand, he shrugs off any Republican concerns altogether. This is common from lefty writers pushing a narrative that disagrees with their own.

The piece rings out loud with lefty lunacy, such as this, “In 2000, 60 percent of gun owners cited hunting as the reason they bought guns, according to a Gallup poll. Many of the rest listed “sport,” which generally means target shooting. But by 2016, 63 percent were saying they bought guns for self-defense. That shift was brought on by growing paranoia about street crime and mob violence, a fear constantly pumped up on Fox and other right-wing media, which have long been conjuring up the notion that urban gangs and other trouble-makers are increasingly running rampant through suburbs and beyond.” (emphasis added)

“Conjuring up the notion,” huh? Unfortunately for this socialist clown, “urban gangs and other trouble-makers” really are “running rampant through suburbs and beyond,” in almost every Democrat controlled city. He conveniently left that part out of the equation. Again, this type of left-wing biased writing proves, through its omission of so many obvious truths, in this case, two years of left-wing violence, that the left believes actual violence for their cause to be righteous and beyond criticism while their perceived threat of right wing-violence to be the real cause for concern. Ignore the reality of what’s actually happening and who’s perpetrating it and use it as a mechanism to drive the narrative that the radical, right-wing, gun-nuts are eventually going to do something similar.

The bottom line? Freedman is a typical left-wing, fake news, nut-job, hack, working hard to create a dangerous narrative that everyone who doesn’t think like a left-wing socialist is eventually going to violently overthrow the US Government. He points to gun ownership “data” regarding record sales to make his point, “While there’s data to suggest Democrats are stepping up their modest share of the gun-buying, recent history suggests that the great majority of these guns are going to Republicans. According to a 2017 Pew Research Center survey, Republicans and Republican-leaning independents were more than twice as likely to own a gun as their Democratic counterparts.”

Now, I hate bumper-sticker logic, that is until bumper-sticker logic makes perfect sense. In this case Freedman may do well to remember the popular slogan adorning automobiles across the nation, “If 100 million gun-owners were a problem, you’d already know it.”

Take this one to the bank, Freedman. We’re going to smoke you in the midterms to take back the House and Senate and win an overwhelming, decisive victory in 2024, regardless of who runs.

No violence necessary.

Readers, do yourself a solid and read this wacko, lefty, hit piece in its entirety at Newsweek, here. You won’t regret it.