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The dilettantes at NBC News are aghast and clutching their collective pearls over a “Let’s Go Brandon”-themed AR lower receiver, which the good folks at Palmetto State Armory are calling the LETSGO-15. (MSRP is $59.99, and expect a 10-12 week wait.)

“The product description on the company’s website says the fire selector on the weapon part features three modes: “’F@CK!’” (Safe), “’JOE!’” (Fire), “’BIDEN!’” (Full-Auto),” wrote NBC News reporter Ken Dilanian.

Dilanian was so upset over the naughty words and presidential affrontery he tipped off the Secret Service.

“They had no comment,” the breathless Dilanian announced in a Tweet.

Dilanian explains “Let’s Go Brandon”

Dilanian broke some more exclusive news: Two other firms offer AR mags with “Let’s Go Brandon” stickers. They, like PSA, declined to comment to the intrepid TV news correspondent.

Dilanian got to the bottom of the controversy, explaining in detail how the secret code originated:

The phrase “Let’s Go Brandon,” has become right-wing code for “F— Joe Biden.” It originated from a moment during an Oct. 2 NASCAR race at the Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama, when a driver named Brandon Brown was being interviewed by an NBC Sports reporter. A nearby crowd was chanting something difficult to make out, and the reporter suggested they were chanting “Let’s go, Brandon” to cheer the winning driver. But it became increasingly clear they were saying, “F— Joe Biden.”

Rock solid investigative reporting, that.

For the mainstream media, no story about ARs would be considered complete unless the reporter mentions a mass shooting or two. Dilanian did not disappoint:

“Law enforcement officials have said that variations of the AR-15 were used in mass shootings at a Boulder, Colo. supermarket, a Pittsburgh synagogue, Texas church, a Las Vegas concert, a Florida high school and a Connecticut elementary school,” he wrote.

To be clear, Dilanian is not some kid or cub reporter. He covers intelligence and national security for the NBC News Investigative Unit.

That, friends, says all you need to know about NBC News and their Investigative Unit.

But Wait! There is More!

Just for kicks, we wanted to fact check Dilanian’s claims of two companies offering magazines with “Let’s Go Brandon” stickers.

You guessed it! That too was lame reporting.

Let's Go Brandon Magazine - Armed American News



This “Presidential” PMAG is clearly a direct print and not a sticker.

Pick it up today from My Southern Tactical for a sweet $28.

(28 is the perfect number since it also happens to be the president’s approval rating)






Let's Go Brandon Magazine - Shark Coast Tactical - Armed American News




This stars and stripes adorned “Let’s Go Brandon” Magpul masterpiece is also not a sticker.

Pick up this freedom feeder from Shark Coast Tactical for $30.





Let's Go Brandon AR15 Dust Covers - Armed American News



We also found these “Let’s Go Brandon” AR15 dust covers. Also, not stickers.

Pick up these freedom flaps from Corded Arms for less than $18.