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Twenty-nine years ago yesterday, 13 miles northeast of Waco, Texas, the siege of the Branch Davidian compound began.

Fifty-one days later, 76 people – including 25 children and two pregnant women – were dead.

The ATF marked the 29th Anniversary of the massacre by placing a wreath on the Waco Peace Officer Memorial, in memory of the four Special Agents who were killed while attempting to serve a warrant at the Davidian compound. They even tweeted about it.


The agency completely ignored the 76 civilians who were killed because of the ATF’s incompetence, poor leadership and its complete disregard for the sanctity of human life.

This is beyond callous. It was not an oversight. This was intentional – an attempt by the ATF to ignore its largest failure.

The ATF has one page of its website devoted to “Remembering Waco.”  They’re already trying to rewrite history by not accepting any blame.

“A subsequent investigation by the Departments of Treasury and Justice regarding the actions of law enforcement agents during the siege determined that some tactics and decisions were poorly executed; and certain actions by ATF were criticized. However, the September 1993 U.S. Department of Treasury Administrative Review concluded: ‘…the agency is made up of dedicated, committed and experienced professionals, who have regularly demonstrated sound judgment and remarkable courage in enforcing the law. ATF has a history of success in conducting complex investigations and executing dangerous and challenging law enforcement missions. That fine tradition, together with the line agents’ commitment to the truth and their courage and determination has enabled ATF to provide our country with a safer and more secure nation under law.’”


I take exception to the last line, that the country is “safer and more secure” because of the ATF. This couldn’t be further from the truth, especially now, since Joe Biden is weaponizing the agency to target our gun rights.

When it comes to the ATF, the country would be safer without them.

Abolish the ATF.