New York Attorney General Letitia James announced Wednesday in a press release, that she has filed a “landmark” lawsuit against 10 national firearm distributors for allegedly selling homemade firearm components to residents of New York.

James said these components were then converted into “unserialized, untraceable handguns and assault-style weapons, known as ghost guns.”

She is basing her lawsuit on New York’s newly enacted Public Nuisance statute.

The businesses named in Attorney General James’ lawsuit are among the nation’s leading gun distributors.

They include: Brownells, Inc. (Brownells), Blackhawk Manufacturing Group (80 Percent Arms), Salvo Technologies, Inc. (80 P Builder or 80P Freedom Co), G.S. Performance, LLC (Glockstore), Indie Guns, LLC (Indie Guns), Primary Arms, LLC (Primary Arms), Arm or Ally, LLC (Arm or Ally), Rainier Arms, LLC (Rainier Arms), KM Tactical LLC, and Rock Slide USA, LLC (Rock Slide).

“While families mourned loved ones lost to senseless gun violence, gun sellers avoided accountability for the illegal and dangerous weapons they sold,” James said in the press release.  “There should be no more immunity for gun distributors bringing harm and havoc to New York. Today’s lawsuit holds 10 gun sellers accountable for fueling the gun violence crisis and endangering New Yorkers. Illegal guns do not belong on our streets or in our communities and we will use every tool necessary to root them out.”

New York City Mayor Eric Adams announced he was suing five of the firms James sued.

“We are not going to let gun companies turn New York City into a city of mail-order murder,” Adams said in a release. “Whether they are hidden in the trunks of cars or packed in a plain brown box, ghost guns are illegal in our city, and we will take every lawful action possible to stop gun retailers from profiting at the expense of the safety of our city.

James claims her office linked tens of thousands of shipments to New York addresses.

“Undercover OAG and New York City investigators were recently able to purchase unfinished frames online from three distributors, who shipped them into New York without serial numbers or a background check,” she said.

James is the same prosecutor who sued the National Rifle Association.

She also tried to bar NRA executive vice president Wayne LaPierre from reelection.