Constitutional Carry bill Ohio HB 227 sponsored by Republican Ohio State Representative, Tom Brinkman passed out of the House Government Oversight Committee in late October.

According to Buckeye Firearms Association (BFA):

“Specifically, the bill would make licensing optional. Those who still wish to acquire a license can still do so. This provision preserves reciprocity agreements with other states that allow Ohio residents to carry concealed when they travel. For those who do not wish to apply for a CHL, anyone 21 years of age or older may carry as long as they are not otherwise prohibited by law.” 

BFA Executive Director, Dean Rieck said, “Under HB 227, anywhere you can currently carry with a license, you will be able to carry without one. This clarity should allow for quick approval by the full House.”

If passed and signed into law, Ohio would become the 22nd state in the nation to adopt constitutional carry.