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Dateline 2016: In the final year of the Obama presidency, the idea that crimes committed with firearms are a health issue began emerging. While the premise had been hovering for years and concerning gun rights activists since the Obama Care debates, the notion of “gun violence” as a public health issue began being floated more frequently by the administration, doctors, and the CDC. That very year, an NBC News headline reported “Gun violence is a public health epidemic.” The sub-heading of that piece reads, “Public health experts and scientists celebrated President Barack Obama’s gun plan Tuesday, saying firearms safety is clearly a public health issue.”

“Public health experts and scientists celebrated President Barack Obama’s gun plan Tuesday, saying firearm safety is clearly a public health issue and urging Congress to embrace science in the fight for gun-law reform.”

Left-leaning, so-called, self-described “gun safety advocates” began pressuring doctors, in particular, pediatricians, to address gun ownership in consultation with families in the exam room with support from the American Academy of Pediatrics. This push continues today. From a June 2021 piece from Health Affairs:

“We need pediatricians to get involved in the fight to end gun violence. Pediatricians are incredibly effective child health advocates and public health messengers, and prevention is the cornerstone of the profession. When pediatricians speak up, people listen. Pediatricians have a platform—and the magnitude of the gun violence crisis in the US demands that pediatricians use that platform and lend their informed, expert, powerful voices to this cause.”

From the early years of the Obama administration, we’ve watched the slow creep of doctors calling for more gun-control advocacy from the powerful perch of their platform. This approach, whether true or not, was a brilliant maneuver by the gun-control crowd. We trust our doctors with private information regarding our health and welfare and the gun-control groups, with help from the White House, quickly moved to exploit the trusted doctor-patient relationship to advance their anti-gun political agenda.

This from the American Academy of Pediatrics website:

“Gun violence is a public health epidemic that is injuring and killing children at alarming rates. Any death from gun violence is one too many if it’s in your family or your community. We must implement common-sense solutions that have been proven to reduce these injuries and deaths.” 

Pressuring families in exam rooms, the AAP has firmly grasped the Everytown for Gun Safety gun control agenda and promotes it heavily on their pages. Begging parents to “wear orange” in support of gun control measures, their site is full of Bloomberg-funded, anti-gun hype.

“Every year, Everytown for Gun Safety and partner organizations like the AAP wear orange: both to honor those who have lost their lives and loved ones to gun violence, and to demand a future free from gun violence. Join the movement and #WearOrange on Gun Violence Prevention Day, June 4, 2021.”

Nowhere to be seen are actual gun-safety measures like those that have been taught by the National Rifle Association, hundreds of thousands of real firearms instructors nationwide, or the National Shooting Sports Foundation for decades. In fact, it is these organizations the AAP and others should be turning to if they are in fact, truly concerned about real “gun safety.” Unfortunately, they are not. Their true agenda is political, not actual.

Today, there is another massive push by the Biden administration, working in tandem with the Centers for Disease Control to fund massive “gun violence” studies as if it were a disease. According to an NPR report, under CDC Director Rochelle Walensky, “Among several other gun research projects, the CDC is now providing funding to 10 state health departments so they can start collecting data in near-real time on emergency room nonfatal firearm injuries. This will allow doctors and epidemiologists to potentially identify trends and craft swift interventions, as they have done to contain the coronavirus pandemic and other national health emergencies.

Epidemiologists? Johns Hopkins itself describes its mission regarding Epidemiology as, “The mission of the Department of Epidemiology is to improve the public’s health by training epidemiologists and by advancing knowledge concerning the causes and prevention of disease and the promotion of health.” Merriam Webster’s Dictionary defines epidemiology as, “a branch of medical science that deals with the incidence, distribution, and control of disease in a population. The sum of the factors controlling the presence or absence of a disease or pathogen.” Google’s definition on these document pages this story is being written on defines epidemiologist as, “a person who studies or is an expert in the branch of medicine which deals with the incidence, distribution, and possible control of diseases: “epidemiologists are warning of a new pandemic,” for example.

Upon closer examination, it becomes obvious the narratives written by the anti-gun Democrat party and its propagandists in the “mainstream media,” are rewriting the lexicon to comfortably fit their stated goals of gun control. In an age of government mandates regarding health protocols, this combination infuriates and frightens Americans concerned with the daily erosion of freedom as government agencies begin to redefine “gun violence” as a health epidemic.

“Mask mandates,” and “vaccine mandates,” as government solutions to a real viral health epidemic align directly with the fears of gun-rights activist groups who are now asking questions about the correlation between gun violence as a health epidemic and the obvious desire of the federal government to control the citizenry using mandates as a tool to subvert the legislative process. Gun violence, to use their term, is not a virus or a pathogen that can be controlled through the development of vaccines, therapeutics, or the wearing of face masks. However, when successfully redefined as a health epidemic creating a false narrative using the same medical language to gaslight the public at large as such, the question of whether an administration exhibiting clear totalitarian tendencies will use similar tactics against our right to bear arms becomes legitimate.

Mandates in any form, be it mask or vaccine related, are a clear infringement on freedom under the guise of protecting us from ourselves. When mandates, enacted by a federal government against free enterprise including free individuals and private businesses become the norm by redefinition of what constitutes our health and safety, the idea of America itself is at stake. When the government is allowed by its people to redefine a narrative to fit its political agenda, freedom no longer exists.