On Monday, House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn (D-SC) compared law-abiding gun ownership to purchasing and owning slaves.

“Just because it’s legal does not make it the right thing. I tell people all the time [that] the institution of slavery was legal, but it was not right,” Clyburn told said on CBS’ “Face the Nation,” according to a report from Townhall.

Clyburn indicated he wanted to see a change in federal law that allows the sale of semi-automatic firearms. He basically called for a ban on all firearms when discussing the AR-15 the gunman at the University of Virginia utilized.

“Just because they purchased these weapons legally does not mean that’s what the law ought to be. We need to change these laws,” he said.

Later this week, Clyburn will speak at the funeral of one of the UVA students who was recently killed.

“Chesapeake, Virginia, that gun was purchased legally the morning of the event,” he explained. “We have to visit these laws and do what’s necessary to keep these guns out of the hands of people who should not have them.”

According to Clyburn, there needs to be a bipartisan agreement on gun laws moving forward. He did, however, try to soften the blow by insisting no one’s Second Amendment rights would be infringed upon.

“Nobody wants to take anybody’s guns away. Your Second Amendment is there to protect everybody, but so is the First Amendment, but there’s not unfettered…” Clyburn indicated.

Lessons From Jim Clyburn’s Comments

For the longest time, we gave gun control advocates the benefit of the doubt. We thought they mistakenly confused terminology because they were uneducated. The truth is this: they know the difference between a semi-auto and a full auto. They purposefully conflate the two types of firearms as a way of confusing the general public. They do all of this with the intention of pushing their gun control agenda.

Americans hear the term “semi-auto” and “full auto” thrown around but do not know the difference. This gives gun controllers the opportunity to swoop in and control the narrative that they are doing “what is best” for the nation.

House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn’s words confirm they are one step closer to confiscation, which feeds into their ultimate goal of an outright ban on ALL firearms.

They can say the Second Amendment protects our right to keep and bear arms, but until they stop pushing to outlaw legally-owned and readily-available firearms, we need to stop believing them. As soon as we let our guard down, they will pounce