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I hate social media.

All of it, in every one of its rotten forms and forums. Hate it. In my estimation, it’s destroying the very underpinnings of our society. Seemingly normal people pour out their every thought as if everyone else on the planet actually gives a damn. We’ve all seen it.

Stupid stuff like some dopey relative or long-lost friend, for example, emptying their deepest inner, personal, thoughts about parts of their lives the rest of us would be better off not knowing. Some stupid soliloquy about a long-lost love or giving us an inside view of the results of their recent doctor visit. While I’ve done the “what I had for dinner” silliness myself, I’ve never felt the need to tell the entire planet about my fear of an upcoming colonoscopy, or for that matter details of said procedure. You get the idea. Unfortunately, millions of others aren’t as restrained.

I’ve actually read posts from people I hadn’t seen in years, maybe the last time in a college classroom and 30 years later I’m privy to the fact they lost everything in a recent divorce, right down to the detail of actual dollars and the mental decay they’ve suffered prior to seeking therapy. Guess what? I don’t really give a shit nor does anyone else. Go about your day, sad-sack and learn how to stay off of the keyboard.

Now that I have that off of my chest, I’ll move on to the one thing that I hate the most on social media. It’s that person I refer to as the pseudo-intellectual psychobabbler. There is no one worse, anywhere on Earth particularly when those pseudo-intellectual psychobabblers are running their mouths about gun rights. Every time I read it I thank the Lord I’m on blood pressure medication and that it’s working.

First, what is a pseudo-intellectual psychobabbler? According to Brittanica Dictionary:

Pseudo-intellectual :a person who wants to be thought of as having a lot of intelligence and knowledge but who is not really intelligent or knowledgeable

Psychobabble :language that is used by people who talk about mental and emotional problems and that is seen as silly or meaningless : psychological jargon. 

  • a popular book filled with the usual psychobabble

In my world, it’s just a fancy way of saying “stupid cyber people hiding behind stupid cyber “handles” typing stupid nonsense trying not to appear as stupid as they are.” Social media threads are overflowing with this gibberish. Someone will post their thoughts on a certain subject matter and here come the morons. Lined up to make fools of themselves pretending to have an intelligent conversation about topics they know nothing about in a forum that allows them to pretend they’re experts.

When it comes to discussions of politics, they’re everywhere. Too many threads and too many topics to count. Want to see it for yourself? If you can stomach it, head over to that liberal cesspool known as Twitter and make a day of it. It’s never-ending. Instagram? Full of idiots having what they portend to be “intelligent” conversations with other unknown morons.

For the sake of keeping this somewhat short and getting right to the point, I’ll make it easy for anyone dumb enough to get themselves caught up in some stupid pseudo-intellectual psychobabble conversation. Whether you want to believe it or not, your gun rights are a political issue. Deal with it. The Democrat Party IS the party of gun control. Read it for yourself in their party platform. The Republican party on the other hand, as a part of their written platform, supports the RKBA in it’s original context. While there are individual politicians that must be held accountable, the party platforms are clear.

Want more proof, psychobabbler? Compare red state gun laws to blue state gun laws. Not enough for you? Of the recent wave of constitutional carry passing across the nation, how many of those states are run by Democrats? Still want more? Which party does the professional gun control lobby support? Why? Do I need to go on?

Enough of the nonsense. If you are a gun onwer that votes Democrat, you’re STILL a part of the problem. I’m glad you’re a gun owner but don’t you dare try to tell me you’re “fighting for gun rights” while you continue to vote for the party of gun control. Your hypocrisy knows no bounds.

Here’s some great advice. Go out and live your real life and stay out of those ridiculous, toxic, social media platforms and their dopey threads. Don’t become a pseudo-intellectual psychobabbler.

All you’re doing is lowering your IQ.