National Shooting Sports Foundation’s statement on Remington settlement

Editor's note: This just in from the National Shooting Sports Foundation: The decision to settle in the Soto v. Bushmaster case was not made by a member of the firearms industry.  The settlement was reached between the plaintiffs and the various insurance carriers that held policies with Remington Outdoor Company (ROC), which effectively no

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Remington did the Second Amendment – and the gun industry – a major disservice

On Tuesday, Remington reached a $73 million settlement with the families of Sandy Hook families. A 20-year-old used the company’s Bushmaster XM15-E2S rifle in the tragic shooting death of 20 first-graders and six school officials back in 2012. In the years since the shooting, all eyes have been on this lawsuit because of the

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DOJ: AR-15 rifles are NOT machine guns

In a letter from DOJ Appellate Staff, Civil Litigation in reference to the Gun Owners of America v. Garland being heard in the 6Th Circuit Court of Appeals, clarification is given regarding the status of the AR-15 as it pertains to the definition of a “machine gun.” At issue is the phrase “can be

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